Press Release: Daley Solves CTA Budget Shortfall

Chicago CTA Buses.jpg
Mayor Daley was a proud passenger on these new “Green” CTA buses. Daley said they are very roomy and solves all the looming problems Daley has caused by spending Chicago Mass Transportation money on consulting and phony contracts. Do not worry about pollution on these new fancy buses. If you spit, hang your head over the bus and spit on the street. If you like eating nuts, throw the shells over the side. The new CTA buses will be easy to clean. It is very cold on these buses during winter, but they are very fuel efficient. Mayor Daley is very short and told everyone this is as roomy as his big gas guzzling Lincoln. Are you glad you voted for Mayor “Lil Richard” and John Daley? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

8 Replies to “Press Release: Daley Solves CTA Budget Shortfall”

  1. you never voted for rich in 30 years. i wouldnt brag about the losing streak youve been on. if i ever run for anything promise me you wont vote for me. you must be the guy that votes for segvich

  2. That is funny. Not as funny as your Daley 11th ward Canaryville retard Orchestra–but funny.

    The CTA is a mess–but Daley is riding around a bike in France–amazing.

  3. I don’t believe in nepotism, cronyism, corruption and lying so I can’t vote for Daley. Voting is about making the best choice out of the candidates available. I believe I have done that over the past 30 years. In some cases I have voted for winners but I am not responsible for the disaster that the Daley administration is and will continue to be.

  4. Mack, the sad truth, that there is usually a pathetic lack of “… best choice out of the candidates available.”, and, that, when there is more than one challenger, the votes of honest folks are split, thus allowing the likes of daley to remain in office, leads me to believe that a change in voter perspective is needed.

    “an End Run for the People
    September 8th – 2:26 a.m.

    Are ‘the people’ so truly dim-witted and so easily distracted?

    The histories of our city, county and state elections seem to indicate they are.

    The triple plays of:

    the makers-of-law, (legislators),

    the adjudicators of law, (the courts),

    and the administrators of policies, (executive branch),

    combined with the dismal failures of the ‘voices of the people’, the journalists, both print and broadcast,

    have been extremely effective in convincing the majority of citizens that the will of the people is irrelevant.

    This is evidenced by the fact that, of the total number of citizens ‘qualified’ to vote, at any given point in time, less than 50% are even registered to do so.

    Of those eligible and registered to vote, less than 50% usually show up to cast their votes.

    Thus, about 25%, (of the total number of citizens who could be voting in any given election), actually vote.

    Simple math then tells us that, at most, a mere 12.6%, (of the total number of citizens that could vote), are needed for a candidate to win any given election.

    And this, only in a one-on-one race.

    Call it as it is:

    Our elected officials are being determined by the votes cast by, at most, 1 out of every 5 citizens who could vote.

    What the hell are the other 4 out of 5 citizens doing?

    Answer: nothing.

    What the hell are the other 4 out of 5 citizens thinking?

    Answer: nothing.

    What are the other 4 out of 5 citizens feeling?

    Answer: the pains in their asses from being shafted Daley.

    What will these 4 out of 5 citizens do next?

    Answer: continue to bleed out their asses, complaining about the pain and loss of economic blood, but doing NOTHING to effectively remove those wielding the shafts.


    Answer: because they, the 4 out of 5 citizens who fail in their responsibilities to exercise their Right to Vote, believe in their own impotence.



    A beginning:


    2) Make a list, prior to EVERY election, of the INCUMBENTS.

    3) Bring this list with you when you GO TO VOTE ON ELECTION DAY.

    4) With few exceptions, DO NOT VOTE for ANY of the names on your list of INCUMBENTS.

    5) When there is only one challenger, VOTE FOR THE CHALLENGER.

    6) When there are 2 or more challengers, then:

    If the INCUMBENT’s name is listed 1st, vote for the CHALLENGER who is listed LAST.

    If the INCUMBENT’s name is NOT listed 1st, vote for the CHALLENGER who IS LISTED FIRST.

    7) Focus on casting your votes with the SOLE purpose of OUSTING every INCUMBENT.

    8) Make exceptions to this rule sparingly, and with the knowledge in mind that the INCUMBENTS are the people who hold the shaft that has been so (Do not do that)

    EVERY citizen who has ever thought of running for public office, but has been discouraged by the myriad of ways and means that obstruct free, fair and open elections, should take this opportunity to both run for public office and to encourage the application of the above strategies by each and every one of those 4 out of 5 citizens who have, so far, done NOTHING to help honest people represent them honestly.


  5. You are, indeed, welcome.

    If only enough citizens hear about, consider, and decide to adopt this strategy, no amount of fraudulent ‘votes’ can possibly overcome the true and determined voice of the people.


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