Mayor Daley's Administration Photo

Daley and Friends.jpg
Please enjoy this photo of Mayor Daley and his Staff as the Sun-Times continues to expose his cheerleaders setting up scam deals and getting promoted for outrageous behavior and inside deals. We provided videos in the past that exposed the O’Hare expansion deals, and now enjoy this story about Rosemary Andolino. Does she have a husband with another name at the Department of Water Management? During 2003, Mayor Daley’s staff was out of control and pigged on Taxpayers money for personal gain. I am disgusted. How many Chicago employees had scams like this noted below going on, and they get to keep their job. Read the story below. Patrick McDonough

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Chicago Clout's Kosher Pork Loin Back Ribs

Kosher Pork Ribs.jpg
I hope some day you try my World famous Kosher* Pork Loin Back Ribs. Kosher and pork is not possible? I ascended the highest hill in Chicago and went into deep prayer. God returned me to Costco and I bought a $30.00 batch of the best ribs I know of. First, I use season rub and wrap them tight in aluminum foil and bake for three hours at 300 degrees. Next they hit the grill for a half an hour of low heat, I make sure they did not dry out. I than spread them with Kosher* salt and Roadhouse B-B-Q sauce. God appeared from the smoke of my grill and approved these pork ribs as Rabbi approved. Thank you God. If you want a detailed recipe, please e-mail me. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Clout Salutes "Ole John Daley"

Ole John Daley Chicago.jpg
This is one of my best pals, his name is “Ole John Daley”. Just like the real 11th Ward Commissioner John Daley, this little fellow is the rut of the bunch. I like him very much and he is nice to children, but acts pretty stupid unless it is time to eat. The other tall and handsome horses protect this fellow if any danger is present, just like real life, right John? Still, we would not appreciate just how lucky we are with-out a character like this in the group. Happy Labor Day to All of Chicago’s Union Writers, I am going to join the Writers Union soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend Chicago

Chicago Clout Horses.jpg
These guys make me very happy and I am glad to report they are happy to see me. I wish to salute all the Union Workers that have been assaulted for so long by business in Chicago. The Union skilled tradesman and women made this city what it is. Many people like to take credit for the sweat of another persons brow, but we know many Chicago Politicians are not dedicated like Chicago’s Workforce. I hope people make a goal this year to make sure the Alderman job becomes a full time position. I hope Chicago Unions are not asleep again and continue to move forward on Union issues. I know Patrick McDonough and Chicago Clout will never rest. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley gives wrecked up Bridges for Yuppies

Chicago's Dangerous Bridges 2.jpg
Chicago has a major infrastructure problem that is increasing by the day. Yuppies pass by this major structural beam that holds up the bridge at 15th and Halstad. At the base of the beam you can see major parts of the steel is rusted through and the rust is chipping everywhere. I do not care if you think Daley is a great guy or not, but call Chicago’s 311 Center and lets get this problem straighted out before people die. We need money for the streets, the maintenance, and the safety of Chicago. Chicago does not need any more money wasted on the Olympic bid. Enough is Enough Chicago. If you look on the east side of the Dan Ryan across from Sox’s Park, Daley is currently having those bridges gussied up. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley blames the FEDS for Bad Bridges

Chicago's Danderous Bridges 1.jpg
Enjoy a picture of a Chicago bridge at 15th street and Halstad. Should Mayor Daley keep blaming the George Bush Administration for bad bridges, or get some Union painters to remove rust and apply some paint once in a while? This is a disgrace. Metra train roll over this bridge every day. An old boss of mine once said sarcasticly, “There is never enough time to do the job right the first time, but always enough time to repair it again and again”? Photo by Patrick McDonough.