Chicago Clout Salutes "Ole John Daley"

Ole John Daley Chicago.jpg
This is one of my best pals, his name is “Ole John Daley”. Just like the real 11th Ward Commissioner John Daley, this little fellow is the rut of the bunch. I like him very much and he is nice to children, but acts pretty stupid unless it is time to eat. The other tall and handsome horses protect this fellow if any danger is present, just like real life, right John? Still, we would not appreciate just how lucky we are with-out a character like this in the group. Happy Labor Day to All of Chicago’s Union Writers, I am going to join the Writers Union soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

4 Replies to “Chicago Clout Salutes "Ole John Daley"”

  1. I would never vote for that mangy flea bitten carcass with flies all over it’s head. Have John Daley move downtown like his twin Mayor Daley. All of the Daley Family are short and ugly, but they cannot control that, no matter how much they steal.

  2. John Daley is the Daley machine family liason to the mafia. His father in law was a well known bookie who owned a licqour store and bar by the old Maxwell Street market now UIC.

    John Daley’s insurance company insures all the mafia trucking companies busted in the Hired Trucks investigation.

    John Daley is the go to guy for jobs in the 11th ward including the mob guys who ended up on City, County and McPier authority payrolls including convicted felons.

    John Daley is the committeeman of the 11th ward–more on that later.

    This is corruption to the bone including the mafia, Hired Trucks, and lots of vote fraud, thuggery, racism and other scummy activities.

    John Daley is a corrupt pathological liar who does not keep his word.

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