The discussion about the Lori Lightfoot and Native Americans isn’t over

Lori Lightfoot takes Indian name to make political points. She is not English.

Paleface Rick Morrissey was very insulted about Mayor Lori Lightfoot taking an Indian name to further her career. Paleface Rick Morrissey is a typical moron that has nothing to write about, but he has a new angle to start more unneeded #BLM and white whining about nothing.

I subscribe to the Chicago Sun-Times because of their history of great stories. The investigative work of the Sun-Times is amazing. Lately, the Sun-Times is heading toward to fork in the road. Will the Sun-Times be kept alive by superstar award winning journalist Fran Spielman? Can Fran Spielman save all the writers that belong in a comic book?

Paleface Rick Morrissey was probably told to write some stupid shit just because his editor can not sell newspapers. I hope that is not the case. The Union controlled Sun-Times is becoming a propaganda newspaper, a second CNN.

Ricky, please tell Lori Lightfoot the name “Lightfoot” is English, but many times used by Native Americans. Since an Englishman married a Indian women, the name should only be used by Native Americans. I am offended when teams like Chicago Blackhawks use a Native American name, but I am more pissed off when retards like Paleface Rick Morrissey writes crap for no reason. Pathetic. Fire Morrissey now. This rant is almost as stupid at Paleface Morrissey’s crass shit to cry about the Blackhawks. Blackhawks were and are warriors. Every white dude I know love the Blackhawk name.