Streets and Sanitation Darren Gilbert Fired

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Yesterday, I met Darren at McDonald’s Restaurant in the North Side of Chicago. Darren told me he was fired when accused of Bribery. Darren worked for Traffic Services and picked up illegally parked cars. Cars parked next to fire hydrants, ect. One day, Darren was getting ready to pick up another car and the car’s owner accused him of taking two hundred dollars. Darren was put on paid leave and investigated by the Chicago Police and the Prosecutor. The charges were dropped as the car owner lied and was a four time loser that had his car towed in the past. On July 31, 2006, Michael Picardi, Commissioner of Department of Streets and Sanitation signed off and Darren was discharged as a Motor Truck Driver. Darren is on appeal and the Department of Personnel is reviewing the case. Taxpayers will pay the board insiders millions of dollars a year to hear these cases that do not belong in the courts. Why is this black man not a work? Is someone seeing a pattern? Darren is getting divorced over this. Of course, Darren’s white clouted boss spent the day at a ball game with his kids on the Chicago Taxpayer dime, but the white boss got Daley family and friends that he went to school with, so the boss is still at work, fair? Remember, it is time the black leadership in Chicago look into the way or Black Chicago City Workers are being treated. Darren has a perfect work record and is on time every day. Let us work together to get his job back.

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  1. After looking at this situation, there must be a protocol that must be followed. An employee with a perfect record with no history of any problems and being fired for no reason. Someone in the Mayor’s office must correct a wrong. The State’s Attorney and Chicago Police Department did not file any charges against this worker and the Commissioner of that Department signed termination papers for what reason. If this is the kind of practices that are in place, every city worker needs to be aware because they could be next. An innocent man has now had his life turned upside down. His wife believed the charges because they came from the city. She felt they must be right the city is never wrong (Right?)
    Mr. Gilbert has lost his home, car and respect from friends because of lies and mistreatment. I do believe there are power in numbers and if enough people voice concern, people like Mr. Gilbert will be made whole again. Please make an example of the Department Commissioner in order to for this to never happen to a good man.

  2. Huh?
    Please explain the motivation for firing this man. Did they believe he was guilty of the accusation or was it something else?
    If you’re suggesting they wanted him gone because he was black, then why was he hired in the first place?

  3. What differance does it make if they believe he did it or not if they can’t prove it he should not be fired.What was left out of the story is that he was not picked out in a same day police lineup by the person making the accusations.The police chief would not sign off on a arrest,and at his hearing the story of the facts of the case changed by the accusor.I’m not saying this is a race issue but this is definitely a class issue.By this I mean people with clout have one set of rules people without have another.It just seems like before you take someone off the job and turn there life upside down you should have some real evidance and not just hearsay.And if the police don’t back you up your facts must not be to good.(and what ever happened to progressive discipline?)

  4. Look the big money Negros are for Daley, I worked with this guy for years. He comes to work on time and does a good job. He needs his job back. he does what he it told, he works hard. Maybe some big shot will write about this dude. Thank you Chicago clout. To keep a job with Chicago you need to pay-off the dagoes. Thanks, Leroy of Aviation. Daley hates niggerz for real.

  5. How is it possible for Mihcael J. Picardi (Commissioner of Streets and Sanitation)to fired an empolyee (Darren T. Gilbrt)when he was not charge with a crime or any wrong doing. So what was he fired for (Doing a good job)? Is this justice for a man with a perfect work record? Let’s find out what is the real deal and help this man get his life back on track. This has gone on long enough (July to Present)!

  6. Micheal J. Picardi, Commissioner of Streets and Sanitation discharge Darren T. Gilbert. A decision that was wrong because he was cleared of all charges by the City Police Department and the States Attorney office. The whole case was based on Mr. Gilbert supposedly taking a $200 hundred dollar bribe but when the accuser came to the hearing he stated that it was not $200 hundred dollars but a hundred and some change. and still to this day Mr. Gilbert have not been returned the $200 of the $279.00 that he had on him that day. Mr. Gilbert also, produce a bank statement for the day before the incident showing that he withdrawn $800 the day before the incident. Proving where he got his money from. No one has mentioned that Mr. Gilbert has a perfect work record and that no disciplinary protocol had been followed.

    Commissioner Picardi needs to be held accountable for a wrong decision which has destroyed a person life. What makes him judge and jury.

  7. my brother i’m a x city employee i got acused of living in the suburbs .your commisioner does not care about black men.he did me the same we ,no justice for black people was my girl friends home and i was going to see her,but i couldn’t do that on my on time.what are we to do?keep fighting brother keep fighting!

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