Richard "Dick" Devine Video Series Jon Burge Torture Testimony

I think I speak on behalf of all Chicagoans when I say we are ashamed of the treatment Jon Burge gave to many of Chicago’s youth. Arron Patterson is just one of many that has endured a life of cruelty. I suppose Jon Loevy said it best, my loose translation, “How is it possible the Chicago Police got a confession from a person that could not have committed the crime?”. I ask all of you to enjoy the six part series and when you are finished, ask your self, Who is in denial? What did Mayor Daley do to correct this abuse of young black Chicagoans? Please remember there is a half minute of black out in the beginning of some videos. Please watch all six videos. Video 1. Click here: Video 2. Click here: Video 3. Click here: Video 4. Click here: Video 5. Click here: Video 6. Click here: A special thanks to Me, Patrick McDonough who busted my tail end to get this done. Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Water Management Commissioner Spatz

Commissioner Spatz and O'Connor.jpg
The thin person in the Orange Shirt is Chicago Commissioner Spatz. Today I had a problem with issue that did not seem fair to me. In the past, Commissioners such as Richy Rice failed to resolve problem which led to their demise. Spatz is a well educated man and is well respected. Not long after I spoke to Mr. Spatz my issue was resolved, not to my complete satisfaction, but the issue was resolved. I also thank James Coyne Plumbers’ Local 130 Honcho for sending Mr. Earl Jackson Business Representative to look into the overtime rotation and job description issues.

The "Mayor Richard M. Daley Bar" ?

Unknown Bar.jpg
I name thee the Richard M. Daley Bar. I was working in the 4500 Block of South McDowell and I came upon a building that had no address or name. I called the Chicago Buildings Department and asked if a building must have a address visible and if a place of business must have the name of the business clearly displayed. The Inspector said yes. I found many Chicago Employees driving City Vehicles attending the establishment after working hours. This place of business has “Fashion Shows” a source informed me. Question 1. Should Chicago Employees use Chicago Vehicles to visit such Places? 2. Should I give the list of plates and pictures of the 11th Ward attendees to the press now or just before the Mayoral Election? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Alderman George Cardenas 12th Ward Door Hangers

Alderman Cardenas.jpg
While working for the Chicago Department of Water Management, I noticed some door hangers all over 25th Place in the Chicago 12th Ward. Most of the Door Hangers were soaking wet, on the ground adding to the litter in the neighborhood. I went to the 12th Ward office and met George Cardenas and asked for a fresh door hanger. The hanger had a Chicago official seal and directions to get assorted City Service by calling Alderman Cardenas’s Ward Office. A total of 18 Chicago City Services are offered. The back of the hanger was printed in Spanish. I never saw any indication of any kind mentioning to call Chicago’s 311 service. I think the impression to Hispanic voters is to call this guy and not the city. I think George want to be “The Go To Guy”. George shares the office with State Senator Antonio “Hired Truck and Hiring Scandal” Munoz (D-HDO) Photo by Patrick MCDonough

Chicago 28th Ward War for Alderman

28th Ward.jpg
Chicago has a Ward you will not find Mayor Daley driving through very often. VIPs that want to consider Chicago as the next site for the Olympics will never see the Chicago’s 28th Ward. A Union Chicago Teamster wants to become the next Alderman of the 28th Ward. Chubby Rover put his hat in the ring and as a fellow Chicago City Employee, I am proud of him. Please enjoy a picture of Mr. Rover’s Office Manager. Let me tell you something that I must admit, Mr. Rover has a mighty grasp of what is going on in the 28th Ward. His staff is going to bring the mighty sword of rightgeousness to the campaign. Please contact Mr. Rover, click here: Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Human Resources/Law Department Scandal Updates

Tom Aulman.jpg
On December 18, 2006, a hearing was scheduled for a Department of Water Management employee that lost his job.
The hearing was at Chicago City Hall, Department of Human Resources, 11th floor, at 9:00 a.m. Chicago Lawyers made a arrangement with the Plumber’s Union and the Hearing went on without the Plumber having a Lawyer. This arrangement was not offered to many fired Chicago City Employees that were told to obtain a lawyer, and not at Union expense. Also the Union Representative is not a lawyer and is practicing law, right? Chicago Law Department Eileen Geary, Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel, should not allow her lawyers to make special arrangements like this one. Are these union hearings scheduled at 39th (Pershing) and Iron street anymore? Was a “Special Arrangement” made? Why did the witnesses not have a chance to testify? This one is not going away, do not shred. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago Fire Department assisted by Water Department Heroes

Chicago Water Department at Major Fires.jpg
The City of Chicago has some of the Greatest Firefighters in the world. Patrick McDonough is very proud to assist the CFD when major fires occur. What you might not realize, the Night Hydrant Truck which Patrick McDonough is well trained at, responded to a major fire at Chance Ministry (Ministries) last night. December 18, 2006. 309 South Cicero Ave, Chicago. The Chicago Fire Department need skilled licenced Plumbers to make sure enough water is supplied to our brave firemen and women. Also, a fire hydrant might break and the Water Department help shut off the water so our fireman can release their trucks and head back to the fire house. Mayor Daley when do our brave firemen get a signed contract? How much do your Lawyer Firm Pals make dragging the contract on? Please see the coverage of this fire by Channel 2 News, click here: Thank God Patrick McDonough was their to help Chicago Firefighters. Photo by Patrick McDonough.