Chicago Fire Department assisted by Water Department Heroes

Chicago Water Department at Major Fires.jpg
The City of Chicago has some of the Greatest Firefighters in the world. Patrick McDonough is very proud to assist the CFD when major fires occur. What you might not realize, the Night Hydrant Truck which Patrick McDonough is well trained at, responded to a major fire at Chance Ministry (Ministries) last night. December 18, 2006. 309 South Cicero Ave, Chicago. The Chicago Fire Department need skilled licenced Plumbers to make sure enough water is supplied to our brave firemen and women. Also, a fire hydrant might break and the Water Department help shut off the water so our fireman can release their trucks and head back to the fire house. Mayor Daley when do our brave firemen get a signed contract? How much do your Lawyer Firm Pals make dragging the contract on? Please see the coverage of this fire by Channel 2 News, click here: Thank God Patrick McDonough was their to help Chicago Firefighters. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Good job goes to pat and crew on the hydrant team. If it wasn’t for them the fire dept wouldn’t have any water supply at a fire scene….

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