Chicago Human Resources/Law Department Scandal Updates

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On December 18, 2006, a hearing was scheduled for a Department of Water Management employee that lost his job.
The hearing was at Chicago City Hall, Department of Human Resources, 11th floor, at 9:00 a.m. Chicago Lawyers made a arrangement with the Plumber’s Union and the Hearing went on without the Plumber having a Lawyer. This arrangement was not offered to many fired Chicago City Employees that were told to obtain a lawyer, and not at Union expense. Also the Union Representative is not a lawyer and is practicing law, right? Chicago Law Department Eileen Geary, Chief Assistant Corporation Counsel, should not allow her lawyers to make special arrangements like this one. Are these union hearings scheduled at 39th (Pershing) and Iron street anymore? Was a “Special Arrangement” made? Why did the witnesses not have a chance to testify? This one is not going away, do not shred. Photo by Patrick McDonough.