Chicago Water Management Commissioner Spatz

Commissioner Spatz and O'Connor.jpg
The thin person in the Orange Shirt is Chicago Commissioner Spatz. Today I had a problem with issue that did not seem fair to me. In the past, Commissioners such as Richy Rice failed to resolve problem which led to their demise. Spatz is a well educated man and is well respected. Not long after I spoke to Mr. Spatz my issue was resolved, not to my complete satisfaction, but the issue was resolved. I also thank James Coyne Plumbers’ Local 130 Honcho for sending Mr. Earl Jackson Business Representative to look into the overtime rotation and job description issues.

One Reply to “Chicago Water Management Commissioner Spatz”

  1. Spatz can stop the appeal against you Deepwater.

    Spatz can also put Coconate back to work.

    Spatz should do the right thing, he did not create it, but he did inherit it and still needs to do the right thing.

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