Alderman George Cardenas 12th Ward Door Hangers

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While working for the Chicago Department of Water Management, I noticed some door hangers all over 25th Place in the Chicago 12th Ward. Most of the Door Hangers were soaking wet, on the ground adding to the litter in the neighborhood. I went to the 12th Ward office and met George Cardenas and asked for a fresh door hanger. The hanger had a Chicago official seal and directions to get assorted City Service by calling Alderman Cardenas’s Ward Office. A total of 18 Chicago City Services are offered. The back of the hanger was printed in Spanish. I never saw any indication of any kind mentioning to call Chicago’s 311 service. I think the impression to Hispanic voters is to call this guy and not the city. I think George want to be “The Go To Guy”. George shares the office with State Senator Antonio “Hired Truck and Hiring Scandal” Munoz (D-HDO) Photo by Patrick MCDonough

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  1. Georgie Porgie never even voted before he became alderman. On top of that, he has a number of fictitious business fronts. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  2. Dear george cardenas
    I listen to you talk of the changes that were going to take place in our ward. However, noting to mention of yet. The Rats situation espically around 33 western ave, were new condo’s are going up for $350,000 is so out of control that if you step out of your house you might get your leg chewed off. help us control this also there is a falling building on 33rd western ave as well that is falling due to termites no inspector go knocking on that house where the basement is filled with rats. you know why! because he’s politically connected.

  3. Alderman Cardenas is a a true politician, as you can see he has achieved many things in life, “FOR HIMSELF”, he tells the community exactly what they want to hear, only difference between his actions and other politicians are “NONE”. This man emphasizes so much on helping hispanic communities and upholding a better living environment and yet continues to associate with buisness such as local bars and restaurants who have no liquor license nor entertainment licenses such as “CANANAS”, and remains in good contact with these owners, Truly what “HAS” Alderman Cardenas done for the communities that he says he came from besides provide himself with a luxurious condo as well? As we all know he is a TRUE POLITICIAN….

  4. you haven’t seen chicago clout at work until you see the new residential zone parking sign in front of his c1-3 commercial zoned office because he handed out the zone 378 stickers to his office personnel and hdo members who do not live on the neighboring block (2500 w. block 38th st), and are totally inelligible. additionally he put up no parking signs all over the corners as payback to the complining residents for street cleaning etc., it makes it impossible for anyone but his people to park!

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