Patrick McDonough, Frank Coconate, Carol Marin, and Jay Stewart

Anti-Daley Rally.jpg
Please read this article, Click here:,CST-EDT-carol20.article When one of Chicagoland’s top reporters Carol Marin, talks with one of Chicago’s top Government Watchdogs, Jay Stewart, and the conversation is about Whistleblowers, Patrick McDonough and Frank Coconate’s name is at the top of the list. Patrick McDonough was fired and got his job back, although Mayor Daley is spending millions more of Chicago Taxpayer’s money, to appeal the decision in Circuit Court January 12, 2007. Frank Coconate was fired for supporting Jesse Jackson Jr. , even though Jesse never ran for the 2007 Mayoral post. That shows how sick in the head Mayor Daley is. Also note in the picture, Patrica Hill and Bill “Doc” Walls, Patrick and David McDonough. This was a Anti- Daley Rally October 1, 2005, I guess we knew about what a rat bag Daley always and continues to be. Photographer is ……………

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  1. Well I see Frank is hard at work again. Frank is known as Frankie limelight. That means where ever there is an election with candidates that have a shot until the cameras come then comes Frank to steal the spotlight. WAY TO GO FRANKIE BOY!!!!WHY DONT YOU DO SOMETHING USEFULL FOR A CHANGE? LIKE GIVE UP AND MOVE ON BE A MAN AND PROVIDE FOR YOUR FAMILY IF YOU STILL HAVE ONE. HMMMMM ONE CAN ONLY WONDER. WE ARE WATCHING EVERYMOVE YOU MAKE COCONUTTY. MERRY X-MAS FOOL.

  2. you must of forgot how “Frankie” forged a bunch of names in the sewer dept. also look out for his 2 hour lunches at the Archview.

  3. Frank knows where to hang his hat, with the right people in Chicago. Frank has made his name and deserves better then he has received. Frank is a good and honest family man!

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