Hired Truck Scandal Whistleblowers Video: Just the start!

This is the start of a series you will enjoy. The Chicago Department of Water Management employees speak up. Amazing Video. Patrick McDonough

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  1. i will never go on this site again. that picture made me throw up. i like the plumbers hat but the guy wearing it … YUK!!! GET IT OFF
    (Response) Welcome back!

  2. Daley political operatives helped pro-O’Hare candidates win suburban mayor’s races
    Posted by Dan Mihalopoulos Mayor Richard Daley’s onetime campaign operatives helped the winning candidates in Tuesday’s mayoral elections in Des Plaines and Bensenville. But Daley said today he had not yet paid any attention to the suburban political scene.

    Bensenville Mayor John Geils, a longtime, vocal critic of Daley’s expansion plans for O’Hare International Airport, lost his re-election bid to Frank Soto, whose campaign was helped by former top Daley campaign aide Thomas Manion. Soto had criticized Geils for his focus on opposing Daley’s O’Hare hopes.

    And in Des Plaines, pro-airport expansion candidate Marty Moylan won the race for the mayoral vacancy with help from former Daley campaign operatives Rich Pope and Diana Paluch.

    Asked about those results today, Daley replied, “I haven’t seen them yet.”

  3. hahahahaha. Mayor Daley, the joke is now on you. The parking meter mess is piling up higher than the snow did for me back in 77. heheheheheheheheh. And this one you can’t cleanup. Stupid! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Not! I am gonna watch you squirm now as you get voted out of the 5th floor the way I did. Speaking of 5th, is that what your son and nephew are gonna take when they go before the federal grand jury? Is that allowed? Boy, your in worse trouble than I was. I’m starting to like snow storms. Gotta go, God’s giving another lecture at 7pm.

  4. Is local 130 a criminal organization? They keep taking peoples money and do not represent them, in fact they make sure they hurt their fellow members. What about the U.A. oath to protect fellow brothers in the union. Tom McManus you are a disgusting fat pig, and Jim Sullivan you make me want to puke. Did local 130 learn this at the phoney retreats you sponsor. GOD knows what you do.

  5. By Dan Mihalopoulos

    April 9, 2009

    Coming from as far away as Azerbaijan, dozens of corporate executives and government bureaucrats gathered at a downtown hotel Wednesday to hear Mayor Richard Daley share his tips for preventing corruption.

    Absent from his speech at the international event was any talk of city hiring fraud, the Hired Truck program or the myriad other scandals that put Daley aides in federal prison or left them free pending appeals of official misconduct convictions.

    A day after yet another city contractor became the target of fraud charges, Daley instead focused his comments on how he has tried to “lead by example,” creating an Office of Compliance to coax ethical public service from his underlings.

    The mayor didn’t mention, however, that he started the office in response to a federal probe of a hiring and promotions system that was found to be rigged to reward loyal Daley campaign workers for most of his tenure.

    Daley made only a vague reference to the long litany of corruption charges against City Hall officials during his 20 years in power, according to a text of his remarks the mayor’s office provided at the Tribune’s request. The event was closed to the media, and Daley aides did not inform reporters of his speech.

    “Chicago, like every other city and state government, has faced its share of challenges—including employee misconduct,” the mayor told the visitors. “I am proud that when missteps have occurred, we’ve raised the bar and implemented new standards to help prevent future problems.”

    A top local government watchdog laughed when told of Daley’s anti-corruption talk.

    ” Chicago is a beautiful city to have a convention, but I wouldn’t advise [the conference attendees] to make a model of either our city’s or our state’s political system,” said Cindi Canary, executive director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.

    Daley’s audience at the Westin Chicago River North included anti-corruption officials from about a dozen U.S. and European cities and executives from more than 50 companies, including such worldwide concerns as Microsoft and Coca-Cola, said event organizers with the Geneva, Switzerland-based World Economic Forum.

    The conference gave executives a chance to discuss how they can foster a corporate culture that discourages bribery and other forms of corruption, said Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr., CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the global accounting firm headquartered in New York.

    Having worked in Chicago at one point in his career, DiPiazza said he was not unaware of the city’s checkered history. Just last month, for example, a federal grand jury convicted Daley’s former Streets and Sanitation Commissioner, Al Sanchez, of hiring fraud charges.

    But DiPiazza defended holding the conference here and praised Daley’s effort. “These are big issues whether it’s in Chicago or Nigeria or Russia or China,” DiPiazza said. “Chicago has its unique challenges because of the way that the entire governance process has been built up over time. But I think [Daley] clearly understands he has to build the processes to stop it.”

    Anthony Boswell, who has led Daley’s Office of Compliance since its creation in 2007, said Chicago is “absolutely the place” for officials from other cities to learn about anti-corruption efforts because no other city government has a stand-alone department such as his.

    “Chicago is at the forefront,” Boswell said.

    Not invited to the conference was City Hall’s inspector general, David Hoffman. Critics say Daley created Boswell’s office to undercut Hoffman, a former federal prosecutor who has uncovered corruption.


  6. Hello Local 130…The previous comment is right on the money…I am a 30+ year member and never received/needed any representation from what was a good local until James T Sullivan took over! This administration is why there are 1000 members out of work…total mismanagement at it’s best…only take care of your political hacks for Daley and NO ONE ELSE! Brotherhood?? What is that?? Try calling the hall for work after being on unemployment for over 20 months and see what your answer is from Jim Coyne or Tom Gavin! Try education of your membership to improve their ability to cope when things slow down to give them more flexibility throughout the Plumbing Industry! Oh, too bad the school is second rate and now you have decided not to build a new training center…only one of the largest Plumbing locals in the USA and our school and the teaching staff are outdated! “THE PLUMBING INDUSTRY CENTER” of Chicago used to mean something to the Illinois Plumbing Industry as well as the United Association on a National level! It is sad how politics have decimated this once great Local 130 of Chicago… God help us now!!

  7. Daley released his tax returns and Maggie does not work for educap anymore and the mayor did not declare his educap free flights as a gift because he said that each trip he was there doing something in an official capacity. Fine! Patrick Fitzgerald are you listening to me? I am going to open a non for profit charity and fly to hawaii and europe every other week and give a ten minute speach tied to my charity on each trip, then I am going to get laid by the beach for another 6 days of the trip and my charity will have to pay for it all because on each trip I did something to represent my charity. So a non for profit will pay for me to get laid. All legal according to mayor (d-crooked) Daley!

  8. Daley, by not taking any write offs what so ever for any of the free flights he has taken these last 20 years, the mayor is saying that with all those many, many, many trips around the world, none of it was for vacations. So he never had fun or did anything but work on these trips. Bullsh!t!!!! The feds dont work that way. He can’t take a free trip and do 10 minutes worth of work and call all the flights on that trip business…..Patrick Fitzgerald where are you??????? DUH!!!!!

  9. Just another re-hash of news several years old! Come on, let the dead horse lay and get some fresh news!! Or are you having a problem getting new news. And PLEASE stop the reposting of newspaper articles, BOARING. And last but not least, will everyone stick to the subject when making comments.

  10. re-hash of news several years old but ever happens? Fitzgereld may actually look at this problem this time. I think you should talk about it every f’in day until something is done. Another problem is the news is not old news when it keeps happening year after year…. If your so board don’t read the articles and just listen to the news.

  11. Hey Mr. North District….. You don’t get it, do you? You see this stuff happening day after day, over and over, more of our money in Daley’s pockek, and nothing is being done about it. No help from Fitzgerald, no help from the media. Thats why this sh*t is being brought up again. And it should be brought up again and again and again until Fitzgerald does something about it….. Thats what Daley wants. He wants you to talk about it for a week or two and move on to the next scandle, knowing were not going to talk about last weeks or last months news thus taking YOUR tax paying money. Your the type of person who just wants to hear the scandles. We want something done about it. Obvousley when we stood in line for brains, you thought they said trains, and asked for a slow one. Wake up…. If your that board with how your getting scammed, quit crying about it and go somewhere else.

  12. Chicago is a buffet of corruption you have hired trucks, HDO, Olympics, Auto Meter Read, Ohare Airport, CTR, Teng Engineers, IMI, etc, etc, Chancellor Daley says you must pay before you eat.$$$$$$$$$$$

  13. Hey mayor Daley, I mean North District, We aint going away bud. Daley needs to go, he has stolen enough! You will remember me when I tell you that DALEYS SON FOR SURE IS GOING TO PRISON! The feds got Patrick Daley! We are gonna keep screaming about this sh!t! FITZGERALD WHERE THE FU(K ARE YOU @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Is that Munoz person who hit someone which is Violence in the Workplace, is he the relative of State Senator Tony Munoz?

  15. Hey North Dirstrict…. Go watch ch5 News, your rooting for the wrong team. You wouldn’t be saying stuff like this unless your a part of the problem. Get a life and go somewhere else.

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