Jennifer Brookman Tsalapatanis Des Plaines City Clerk? Never

Jennifer Brookman Tsalapatanis.jpg Des Plaines City Clerk Candidate Jennifer Tsalapatanis promised lots of honesty and transparency for Des Plaines City Residents wanting to pick the best Clerk Candidate. I always said Patrice McDonough would be the best candidate and Gloria Ludwig seems like a nice lady. I have a video so you can prove these accusations for yourself, and I will give phone numbers so you can call these people for yourself, fair?
Jennifer is the daughter of James and Carla Brookman. Carla Brookman is a slick politician that votes against the tough issues when she knows enough of the other Alderman are going to pass legislation. I have pictures with her and Dave “Mad Dog” Madlener a republican consultant. Carla also swings with Todd Wessell and Brian Burkross a political gadfly. Jennifer’s father James Brookman is running for 5th Ward Alderman and is suing the City of Des Plaines for Workman Compensation. He is lucky to be able to walk for miles and miles when running for office, but I guess he cannot do any kind of honest labor, as far as I read into this. Jim and Carla Brookman live in a beautiful mansion on 702 Howard Avenue, in Des Plaines. Call James Brookman at 847-635-9375. Jame’s former Des Plaines firefighter co-workers are helping his competition, Aldermanic candidate Daniel Winiecki. Daniel Winiecki is recommended by me for honesty. Jennifer listed all her legal documents and certified she lived at 653 Jarlath. Her house was listed for $759,000.00 and then listed for $569,000.00, and then sold for $450,000.00. She sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Pathak. Most times houses are dumped like this is because of impending foreclosure. Call Jennifer and ask her, 847-612-1419. Enjoy the video. Carla Brookman was accused of not living in her ward before, so this is the way they run. I heard the lawyers are lined up. Time to run the Brookmans out of Des Plaines. Watch the video. Thank you, Patrick McDonough.
Video here: Where does she live?

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  1. wow we got corruption in Des Plaines? I say throw the alledgly boitch out of town with the family members, wait till election time, the voters will throw her out of office? and what about that guy Burkross, is always so stupid? I was there one time droping my aunt off nearby, and this Burkross guy was parked next to a hydrant (illegally) he drove a mercedees, does this guy think he could do anything he wants? doesn’y he have a disabled parking Placard? he looked fine from where I was, he was satnding there for a while because I dropped off my aunt, and then drove back the same route and I seen him Burkross still standing there yelling at people again ! if he is not handicapped then I think some one should call the State Police Investagators, and report him, How dare this guy say he is handicapped when he is not. This is so wrong this guy does, if he is not disabled. But thats besides the point, he is no good in my opinion, just wondering can he be arrested for disordly conduct if he interferes with elections? like passing out brochures, if he is not registreted with the board of elections I think he could be arrested!
    If I happen to drive by again and see him there I will call the States Attorney’s office and the board of elections. I do not know this man, but from what I seen of this burkross guy, he is just an nut in my opinion.

  2. The difference between DesPlains and Chicago is DesPlains will vote corruption out of office and lock them up. Chicago will keep the king of corruption in office even though they know he’s stealing.

  3. you should learn to spell and use correct grammar. “Your” is the possessive of “You.”

    “You’re” is the contraction of the words
    “You” and “Are” and is correct usage for your title overlay. Don’t you think the city clerk should have a basic understanding of 5th grade grammar?
    (Response) I am too tired to fight with you. Ya”All might be write. I get like that when I am tired. I will fix it later.

  4. I just read some heavy details about Robert Vanecko and the money he is looting from the 5 city pension funds. He was given the rights to re-make 39st to 43 st by the city. It’s clear he is being handed a chunk of city money and contract deals and his past tells you that he promised mayor Daley that Patrick Daley will be a silent partner on that. That’s why he was given all this money. He was robbing the pension funds way back to about 2004. That’s when he and Patrick (d-crooked) Daley was supposed to have ended their sewer contract ties. It’s clear that Patrick is a silent partner in the pension fund deals. But now that it exploded those details of Patricks involvement will be closely guarded. The nephew is making cash payoffs to Daleys son. That Patrick Fitzgerald is really pissing me off now. I have been reading plenty of comments from readers to the online newspapers and there is a growing dicontent and mistrust of the intentions of Patrick Fitzgerald. I was always on his side. We have a mafia running Chicagos city hall and the feds are eating bananas and ice cream instead of doing their job. Something is seriously wrong here. Patrick Fitzgerald where are you????????????? Wassup????????

  5. You watch, when all the indictments hit with Vanecko, if the feds can prove it, you know he was given that pension fund money to split with Patrick Daley. Millions, hunderds of millions is what mayor Daley is trying to put in his nephew and his sons pocket. Why would a man who is 30 years old that has an excellent college degree, and who is the son of a big time crooked mayor who can get him a job earning 200 thousand a year at least, why would he choose to go to the middle east and do sweaty pushups while eating sand? It was a stall or a diversion. Somehow the Daleys felt his going to the army would help him in his criminal case. He may wear his uniform to court, or maybe he thought an army man would not be indicted. But when Patrick Daley went to the army, he was stationed in these here United States for 3 years, and then suddenly the week before the Suntimes broke the story of his crooked hidden interest in the sewer contract, zooooooom! he leaves illinois and the country for the middle east. If you remember also, a couple of weeks before Patrick Daley left, his father the mayor went to the white house and personally met with George Bush his good friend. It was never disclosed why mayor Daley went to the white house. Did he go to tell Bush to guard the safety of his son in the middle east, or did he work out some arrangement to try to protect his son from indictment by agreeing to go to the army. Something happened. And there is a saying, “it all comes out in the wash”. We will know as time unfolds what is truly going on. In the meantime we still have a city government that is being run by a family of mafia men. Patrick Fitzgerald is the man to watch. And we are watching..and watching…and watching, and we still don’t see a federal prosecutor who is protecting the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Chicago city tax payers. But the one good thing here is that finally there is a spot light that is beginning to shine on the crooked mayor, his crooked family and their crooked deals. We are getting to learn how they operate finally. Maybe something is being done about this looting of our money and the theft of our city from us hard working tax payers. Pat, keep being a thorn in the paw of these crooks.

  6. Hey Pat,

    Doesn’t Tom Ryan aledgly sound like Wayne Strnad?
    What ever happened to that guy Wayne Strnad?
    Pat you should have that guy (Strnad) on your show!!
    Do me a favor and send a Request to his home or office, and ask if he would like to appear with me on the show!!

  7. Want to say thanks. Because of your envolvment your wife lost again. Think she would learn to leave you out maybe she would win. You have no friends in Des plaines.
    (Response) Lost? Maybe some day you will figure out what happened and why.

  8. I saw your video Pat on hired trucks. That was the first time I saw you being interviewed like that. You look very fed up and serious. I can see why Daley must really hate you. He and his merry crooked henchmen are wrong to go against you for all that you are helping to uncover. Would not a normal decent politician ask you into his office and encourage you to help keep the city running clean. Daley just arrogantly knows exactly what his guys are doing and I just want to ask for the 95th time (and it is the 95th time)….Where are you Patrick Fitzgerald and why is all this criminal corruption not being dealt with from where it is being ordered from, and that’s the top. WHERE R U PAT FITZGERALD!!!! I am not the only one saying this. I have read a lot of online newspaper comments asking why Fitzgerald is not doing what now needs to be done to end this corruption once and for all. Daley is the source that set this agenda. Don’t believe me, just take a look at Daleys son and nephew.

  9. Wayne Strnad is a brilliant man.

    But Pat McDonough Deepwater why is selling your house if it is going to go into foreclosure bad? House prices are dropping everywhere and lots of people are in financial problems.
    (Response) If you say you will disclose, disclose.

  10. Hey Sheila Goldberg,

    Where is Mr. Strnad? I would like to do a show with this brilliant man, he lost because of his brilliantcy, nope he lost because he wants to do things his way, he needed to do things like I told him to do. he got 26 % percent in a hispanic neighborhood with my help, we could of done more if he would of listen to me, as to what to do next. I could of got him at least 25 % more next election, which would of put him over the edge in that community, but instead he was going backwords because he thought he had the election in the bag. Had he listen to me, he would of been the next State Representative in the community!!!!! and I would have gone to the bank on that election. So Ms. Goldberg, did Wayne cause his own downfall?

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