9 Replies to “Chicago Clout takes a stand on the First Amendment Video”

  1. The Union is ours, not yours. Tom McManus is a nice goon.

  2. Michael Tierney, John Rottman, and The Laurino family never went under the watchful eye of the Chicago Inspector General. Who let them off the hook.

  3. You idiot peons, 1100 members out of work, be glad you paid $3300 a year for representation so we could eat $400 lunches at Gibsons Steak House. Thats Per Pig Business Agent. Thanks Again King McManus III ps I Love All The Hired Truck Money Me ANd Levar Got

  4. Come on lets face it, the hired truck crap has been going on for years and years and years! And EVERYONE knew about it, nobody said anything because you didn’t want to wind up in Central or South District or worse. You do a disservice to those in the North District that you always mention. What about all the rest? You never mention the Central or South District guys and you make it seem that no one else knew except a very few. Workers with familys to support are not going to take a chance when others in much higher places like Downtown and the Filtration plant say nothing. Not to mention that you always cry politics, well well Pat tell us how you got your job! Gee did you forget that your Dad (God rest his good soul!) put in word with the Plumbers Union so you could get the job? Politics is Politics wether with the city or Union. It’s just the way its done. So get off your high horse Pat.
    (Response) Pops is alive. Thank God, must be clean living.

  5. I have known Carmen for many many years. He was a hard worker as a Laborer and continued to be an excellant worker as a Caulker. He is knowledgeable in his profession and a credit to himself, the City, and his family. Too bad Pat considers Caulkers as unworthy and ignorant and shamed, and should be looked down at because they do not have a License. Their title does not require a License as they were grandfathered in years ago. They perform the same duties as Plumber and many times out perform Plumbers like Pat who talks a lot but was taken care of from the first day he started. And John, you will never see a “posting” for Caulkers to go to classes to obtain their License. They have the opportunity a always to attend night school at Plumbers Local 130. Again, it is a pleasure to know you Carmen and I wish you and your good family the best!
    (Response) I would debate you but you did not put your name on the post.

  6. I want to report some sewer cave ins. They are on every block. report them? They are everywhere. And Daley is still sitting in that 5th floor office. His father had a few strokes by now. Where’s Daleys? he is due. My grandmother cried when Richard J. died. My family will rejoice when the son has his stroke. They run in his family you know.
    (Response) Easy killer, easy! Vote him out, get off your ass and tell your friends, it works. Start now!


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