Continuing education for Department of Water Management Employees.

Water Main Valve.jpg I wish to thank Commissioner John Spatz of the Chicago Department of Water Management. A couple of days ago there were some legal issues that were resolved. I hope everyone understands any classes that are listed on Chicago letterhead are subject to Federal, State, and local laws. I want to make sure every employee of the Department has an equal chance to attend any class to improve their education. The classes were held at Journeyman Plumbers’ local 130 apprentice’s hall. I was verbally refused entry a couple of days ago by Tom McManus a blowhard for the union. I also wish to thank Mr. Spatz for providing a member of his staff to supervise the class. I also wish to thank the Chicago Inspector General for their involvement. Every employee of the Water Department could use additional tune-up classes to ensure the safety of Chicago’s water system. I learned more techniques to make my job more professional. Photo edited by Patrick McDonough