Another crazy Chicago Water Department nightmare

Last Sunday, January 19, 2020, two Chicago Department of Water Management employees got into a scuffle that resulted in police action and a hospital visit.

Powerful Local 130 Plumber extraordinaire, Joseph “the faucet” Brennen allegedly encouraged a tinderbox that exploded into injuries. Joey makes over 100,000.00 per year and can not keep things under control. Rachel “Keep it for real” Beard reputedly reared up and tossed a full water bottle into a black laborer women’s face. According to my sources at Mercy Works, “there are internal injuries and they are serious”. Thankfully, John “the clown” Pope sent Smitty to investigate the injuries. According to sources, no drug tests were ordered thanks to the inventory and prescription specialist. According to many Chicago City employees, all employees must be drug and alcohol tested and the Mayor’s Office under Lori Lightfoot must be notified.

I called the City of Chicago Jardine Plant and was put on hold. Apparently, my homeboy sneaky Ralph Chmielewski and Smitty were under the desk when they found out Chicago Clout was calling. We all know the frauds at the FOIA office are political desk jockeys just try to kill stories.

The assault happened at the 47oo block of South Hoyne. Maybe Mr. Quinn can keep this under wrap and the story will go away. Stories like this are covered up by Lori Lightfoot’s staff. When Lori finds out two black women were involved and a white supervisor did nothing to stop the craziness, something will need to be done.

The Department of Water Management is nothing but a criminal enterprise. You think having a black commissioner would change things, but it did not.

The investigation crew was responding to a “no water” situation. All the heat Quinn and Pope covered up would be enough to thaw any frozen pipes. Many City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees are now smoking pot and are not drug tested because the Mayor’s office wants the tax money.

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