Mayor Lori Lightfoot Covid-19 failure epic for Chicago

It does not take a genius to see the absolute failure Mayor Lori Lightfoot has delivered for Chicago. Lori was always quick to talk crap about the honorable President of the United States Donald Trump. Lori allowed Chicago to break all immigration laws and Chicago has no way to pay for all the illegal immigrants if the Covid-19 gets worse.

Lori always knew the way to pay for all the high living of Union Goons was to have an illegal workforce to cover menial labor. Lori ran on reform and sure fooled me. Lori has allowed Chicago to enter a financial mess that is impossible to get out of. There are so many loans and so many public items one can sell before the party is over. You can always tell a bought person because Lori never shook up the management of the City and only worried about her standing in the national seen. Lori is also only worried about scamming the system for likeminded liberal left-wing loonies.

The gig is up.

The mayor of Chicago is going to need to get on her hands and knees before the President and kiss some booty. Chicago has no way to pay for all the ongoing mistakes.

Just a day ago, Randy ‘Hit and Run” Conner, made an announcement that the Chicago Department of Water Management is infested with the Corona Chinese Virus. When the Virus was first reported, Randy hired legal hitmen to blame the City Workers on their personal lives, for the spread. Fact is that Patrick McDonough a famous Plumber for the City went on WLS Radio and explained the city must stop the swiping. Hundreds of hands go into the same machines and the virus is spread like lighting. Nothing was done.

Worse, Randy and his staff of political misfits failed to provide proper reporting to OSHA and the IWCC. This is creating a massive workers’ compensation nightmare for the City of Chicago. Also, Lori’s staff hangs up the phone on many workers that have not received Workers Compensation benefits due to the financial mess Lori has made. Lori owes years of benefits to injured workers. Lori kept all of Burke’s political hacks and made them full-time employees.

When you have a crisis, you need to provide safety measures in the following manner:

1. Eliminate the risk

2. Initiate administrative control of the hazard

3. Engineer out the risk

Chicago City Workers work in proximity. The Governor of Illinois made an exception to many union workers because he is in debt to them. Chicago workers have no personal protection equipment, a safety department that is an ongoing embarrassment and is run by John Pope, a failed candidate for Alderman.

Sorry Chicago, you cannot fix stupid.

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    1. The whole government and social system are filled with racist white-supremacist antisocial sociopath, psychopaths and mentally ill psychopath “uncle Toms”! We will not live better until we have gotten rid of all of them, and put some of them in straitjackets and padded cells, for life! They continue to commit gross “crimes against humanity”! Plus we must confiscate every tax dollar and resources that they have stolen for themselves, and given to psychopath corporations, and white-supremacist led nations!

  1. Thanks Chicago clout for exposing all the corruption in the City of Chicago Watermanagement ,over paid commissioners that can’t make Any decisions based on the city employees health and welfare on the Corona virus Issues putting the city employees in danger of getting sick, Law suit is the only Language they will understand, starting from the top of management chain all the way to your union representatives, and then they will get the hint, that they will have paid out on those law suits.

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