Chicago Coronavirus emergency non-compliant

Chicago continues to place blame on the coronavirus. Today a crew was working right next to each other in the same crew. The crew was backfilling a hole. This is not emergency work. Randy Conner and Ralph Chiczewski put John Pope in charge of the life and death decisions needed as the United States is at war.

According to several city employees, if you report having the virus, you can lose your job. Chicago is so broke, they can not afford to have employees at home to stop the virus. The Unions are demanding workers continue to show up so they can get their cut of taxpayer money.

If you look around Chicago construction sites, people are still showing up to work and spreading the virus. We already told you Ralph Chiczewski is still refusing to release all contractors’ names. Ralph has an obligation to the taxpayers of Chicago to protect the drinking supply and he failed again.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot promised to reform Chicago and failed. If you can tell me what the emergency is at Bryn Mawr and Lincoln avenue today, please do. This crew is part of an engulfment scenario. You do not stand behind a dump truck, you could die. OSHA will be notified. WTF. No masks, no level three safety. SAD.

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