Chicago City Hall looks like shit says, powerful Alderman

A powerful Chicago Alderman demands Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County Board President Prickwinkle clean up the disgraceful condition of Chicago City Hall. The entire northside of the building is loaded with mold and turning green. The windows are rusting and not working. Currently the 11th floor has clout heavy Kenney taking out windows, reglazing and then reinstalling. These are single pane windows that are not energy efficient. For about the same amount of money, brand new double and triple pane windows could be installed.

Due to millions of wasted clout laden contracts, Chicago City Hall is looking “shitty” said a powerful Chicago Alderman. The Alderman said, Lori is running up to Room 1103 on the top floor and can not fail to see all the damage and despair City Hall projects.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has spent over $200,000.00 dollars on special video screen, video cameras, zoom programs and software to selfishly promote herself on the national stage.

Private contractors are cleaning up with massive contracts to make sure Lori is ready at a moment’s notice to promote coo coo Biden and the democrat agenda.

Let us face it, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is no beauty queen and not a national star by any means. Lori is completely inept and unable to control the democratic monster she thinks she controls. The Chicago media machine controlled by Chicago Unions and the private contractors are bleeding Chicago to its knees. Lori Lightfoot should be thrown out of office. Her staff refused to acknowledge a 600 page itemized list of ways to stop wasting taxpayer money.

Chicago can not take anymore loans and the individual departments taking loans should be outlawed. I said it once and I say it again, get out of Chicago, nothing is left but higher taxes.

Please clean Chicago City Hall outside NOW. You want people to visit the boarded up mess and get killed while walking around? Than clean the mess up.

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