Commissioner Conner allows politics again at Chicago Water Department. More Racism thanks to Lightfoot

Most every person working at the City of Chicago Department know the Department is a hotbed for hidden contracts, phony minority companies, sleazy promotions. Not a single worker thinks otherwise. Thanks to former Mayor Rahm ‘Lil dick” Emanuel, the posts have been filled to protect the Democratic Political Machine.

The Chicago taxpayers are getting squeezed as the Department of Water Management has contractors overbilling to provide funds for Joe ‘naptime” Biden. The Chicago taxpayers are paying for Lori Lightfoot to promote herself and her homely wife to national stardom. Finally, after all the exposure I have given this issue, Chicago media is all over Lori Lightfoot and her dreams of self-promotion.

I am again asking the Chicago Office of the Inspector General Joe Ferguson to investigate why Commissioner Conner and the sleazebags at the FOIA office are posting political hate speech on Facebook. Look, just clean the water, take the fucking lead out, get rid of all the phony contracts, remove the wastewater, and give Chicago taxpayers an honest bang for the buck.

The Chicago Department of Water Management has several lawsuits for the mistreatment of blacks. They had to fire many top-ranking racists not long ago. Since I have been at the Department of Water Management, I witnessed many blacks and Hispanics get cheated out of their promotions. I also watched Rahm and Lori Lightfoot screw minorities out of their workers compensation claims. The white controlled lawyers did the dirty work. Alderman Edward Burke will get his day in court and several surprises when he enters the Dirksen Federal Building. He should talk to David Topps.

You can ask the FOIA Department why they run a crackpot Facebook page when Chicago is broke. Just more money wasted. Did you get that Joe Ferguson Inspector General? #Say My Name Lori Lightfoot, Say my name.

September 23, 2020 posted in blacktime.

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