Do you see something wrong with Mayor Lori Lightfoot?

Do you see something wrong with this picture? The flipping Mayor of the City of Chicago puts on a Halloween Costume and preens a month early to tell all the Chicago parents how to protect their kids for a stupid holiday. She is a mentally sick degenerate craving and media attention she can get. The media was laughing at her.

According to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s staff, Lori plays dress up to relieve stress. Lori also has had costumes sent to her house via Amazon for role playing with her spouse and partner. What a sick bunch of weirdos. Female Chicago Police on Lori’s detail were sent to obtain se@ toys for the Mayor so she would not be exposed to ridicule in public.  

Let us review Lori’s rules, no big groups of negros in black neighborhoods. No big groups of amigos in Hispanic neighborhoods. No comingling of races during Halloween in Chicago. Lori also forbids any Trick of Treating at her house unless you are a homosexual with a police identification. No white well behaved children in black neighborhoods. Exception, wild black kids can go to Jefferson Park, Edison Park, and downtown to shoot honkeys if they wear proper masks. No whites from outlying republicans’ states may trick or treat in Chicago. Absolutely no minorities in the downtown area. Bridges will be up, and all expensive white owned stores will be boarded up.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot will ban all guns with a caliber of over 9mm. Mayor Lori Lightfoot will allow young troubled black men a one day off to pretend to slice up Chicago Cops.

(Lori please tell the Chicago Police so they do not shoot the little jokers).

Please remember Chicago, Halloween is amateur day, do not go out and catch a STD or Covid-19.

Do yourself a favor, keep your kids at home. Chicago is a crap house. Party at your house and make sure everyone sleeps over. If you can afford it, take your kids to your summerhouse or out of state. I heard Chicago will be rocking this Halloween 2020.

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