Chicago subcontractor will be saved due to Political Contributions for the Chicago Democrat Party.

“An OIG investigation which established that from December 2019 to January 2020, a customer service representative for Clarity Partners––an agency contracted to provide employees for the City of Chicago’s Utility Billing and Customer Service Contact Center––stole over $12,285.74 from the Department of Finance and utility customers. Customers or their banks inadvertently mailed water bill payments to different City departments, and the mail was rerouted to the Utility Billing and Customer Service Contact Center where the contract employee worked and was sometimes responsible for collecting and sorting the mail. The contract employee stole some of the mail containing customers’ checks and fraudulently deposit the checks into their bank account. During the course of the investigation, Clarity Partners placed the contract employee on administrative leave and subsequently terminated the employee. OIG referred the matter to DOL with a recommendation to seek cost recovery against the contract employee and to the Cook County State’s Attorney for criminal prosecution.”

Now the real news, The Department of Water Management and other Departments hire private contractors to complete tasks that were done in-house for decades. These were real jobs to help families and single mothers support their families. The workers had to live in Chicago. If you worked hard, you could get a chance to get promoted and move ahead. Now the hired-out workers get paid cheap and can not make ends meet. The workers develop side hustles. The workers are not subject to stringent background checks. The private companies that hire private workers overcharge for services, pay their workers poorly, pay the management generous, and skim a percentage off the payoff politicians. The politicians get their cut and provide protection. Lori should get some nice checks soon. The Christmas Card makes all of us Merry except the taxpayer. The entire Department of Water Management is a hustle. Chicago Taxpayers are very stupid. Very Stupid. Thank God for the elimination of the Sun-Times and the Tribune. Now it’s a free for all. Did the O.I.G. look at the Clarity Partners, LLC campaign contributions?

Did the O.I.G report the theft of four stolen diamond blades worth $4000.00 also?

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