No one is as stupid as Mayor Lightfoot

Many folks look to the Mayor of Chicago for a little common sense. Mayor Lightfoot is announcing the is a Covid-19 rise in Chicago. Soon, the Covid-19 could get completely out of control. Mayor Lightfoot does not have any control over certain races that refuse to behave. Those parts of the city include public drinking, large crowds, lewd behavior.

You can go there anytime for some shooting.

Explosive revelations of Chicago’s desperate financial situation even surprised me. A Department of Finance ex-employee sent some documents that shocked me. Wow.

Mayor Lightfoot, with her crazy looks and duck feet, will finish the job Daley and Rahm started. I am against The big downtown party. The Lollapalooza music festival is a ticking time bomb for Chicago. I suggest it is canceled and everyone stays away. If you fail to get the Covid-19 Delta version, at least you will catch V.D. Lori is hoping rich suburban white kids will show up. Great place to get shot if you asked me.

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