Mayor Lori Lightfoot demands employees’ personal Covid-19 medical records. Possible settlement.

Many City of Chicago employees were exposed to Covid-19 multiple times while at work. Covid-19 and Mayor Lightfoot’s insanity caused the lives of many employees. Chicago paid workers to sit at home. Many Chicago employees exposed each other as they continued to show up to work.

Chicago can not be trusted to pay injured workers. Lightfoot is hoping to send the Federal Government the bill. Mayor Lightfoot did everything she could not report these on-duty injuries to the Illinois Department of Labor.

Mayor Lesze Lightfoot is demanding City employees to fill out an “Employee Covid-19 Vaccination Survey”. This is a clear invasion of privacy. The form will not go into a permanent Personnel file. Ya right; if you fill this out everyone will know your medical history. According to the City, the survey will go into your confidential medical file. Where are the unions? Next, the City will demand your personal information, like all your venereal diseases. Nothing is private at the City of Chicago, trust me I know.

Contact the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and file a lwsuit to protect your rights. Just get a good lawyer.

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