Mayor Lori Lightfoot destroyed Chicago Restaurants

Mayor Lori Lightfoot failed to inspect restaurants in Chicago. Many Chicago restaurants are filthy. Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked why she is not inspecting these dirty places that serve food to an unsuspecting public. “I got bigger fish on my plate”, said Leroy.

Chicago is best known for all the rats, in politics and in the alleys. Many have faithfully been in this food service jobs for over ten years. Now that Chicago has more diversity in downtown restaurants, many of the customers from the south side of Chicago, are eating and then starting a scene. It is an epidemic of bad behavior to get out of paying the bill.

One server stated, “these negroes feel they are owed something and look for any excuse to not pay the bill. Many Southsiders have never eaten anything beside barbecue and canned food. When they step into a Chicago Michelin restaurant, they feel ripped off.

One lady and her homeboy demanded a plate full of food, they said the plate had servings fit for a starving rabbit. A fight broke out and the gangsters were throwing food and plates at high class elite whites. When a rat scurred across the floor, the tables were overturned. If you are not from Chicago, I suggest you eat in the Northern Suburbs. After a meal downtown, you have a great chance of being accosted by the homeless and criminals. You have a great chance of getting robbed and your wife raped.

If you look in the Chicago downtown alleys, homeless are doing drugs, taking down their pants, and expelling fecal matter. Careful you do not step on all the drug needles.

Chicago restaurants are so broke, if you look at them in the daylight, you will be sick looking at the filth, the dirty and greasy tables, seats, and rugs. Lori Lightfoot made this mess and should give workers full pay since the pandemic started. Lori should also reimburse every restaurant all lost income for the last year and one half. If she could only find a way to get a cut of that money.

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