Chicago Water Department Injuries Jose Perez

Jose Perez Cropped.jpg
One of the most happy go lucky laborers in the City of Chicago Department of Water Management is Jose Perez. Jose was always a pleasure to spend the day with and had a reputation as a fierce worker. Jose always spoke about his family. On July 25, 2006, I was alerted Jose was in the Resurrection Medical Center, room 431, bed two. When I arrived after work, a large and loving family was present, and Jose’s beautiful wife was sobbing uncontrollably. We all held hands and said our Hail Mary and Our Father. I was so sad to see Jose in this condition. Mr. Perez was the picture of health and always perfectly kept. He attempted to get up, but returned to his chair. Not long ago Jose had a back Injury and was sent to Mercy works for Physical Therapy. On July 24, 2006, Jose a young man had a heart attack while at Physical Therapy? IS THIS THE WAY WE ALLOW CHICAGO CITY WORKERS TO BE TREATED? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Keep Mercy Works to insure OUR Doctors are treating us in the Taxpayers best interest. I demand the Union investigate how Chicago City Workers are treated by Mercy Works. NOW. Please call Jose at 1-773-807-4911. Photo by Patrick McDonough