Chaos, Confusion, mayhem today at Jardine Plant

Why did you lock me out of the Jardine Plant? Police can’t open gate.

Well, stupid rises again at the Department of Water Management. It was chuckles and laughs from my Lake Point crib watching the Chicago Fire Department get locked out by the Chicago Police at the Jardine Plant. As I told you, you have a bunch of clowns under the command of Randy “the Foz” Conner and Ralph “chuckles” Chiczewski run the most embarrassing event in Chicago Water Department history.

 Former John Pope the Rahm Emanuelite leftover from a lost election was going to prove to the world how his new security system, in case of an emergency attack from the Russians, would respond. One member of John Pope’s task force stated: “it looked like a monkey fucking a football”. You could not write a script as city workers pretended to be passed out from a chlorine gas attack and simulated attack from a mental patient’s hell-bent on getting a promotion.

The entire affair was an embarrassment to the Chicago Police, The Chicago Fire Department, and the new “improved bunch of political hacks” that are hell-bent on giving Mayor Lori Lightfoot every reason to privatize. I am contacting lawyers to see if I can post the footage or sell it to a comedy channel. This is an embarrassment of the highest order. My friends at the New York Water Board viewed the video and said,” It is not funny”. (chuckle, chuckle, chuckle)

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