4228 North Hermitage Rahm Emanuel and his secret police CPD rest well

Rahm Emanuel special police force on taxpayer dime

 Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel sure has a dirty yard and a garage that is filthy with overgrowth. Today we saw the Chicago Police still protecting his house on the taxer’s dime. You think with all the debt Rahm Emanuel left the city; the rat would pay some people to clean his yard. A Chicago Police officer told me; I am not going to clean his plant overgrowth anymore. Rahm Emanuel made his personal Chicago Police detail get his groceries, pick up his items at ABT electronics, and take his wife everywhere. I suggest he call Christy Webber to make that mess under control.

Chicago may be broke, but when you continue to assign police to babysit ex-mayors and clout heavy politicians, you will never get out of the hole. When you think about it, many of Emanuel’s staff is still at work at the city, and Bill Daley’s campaign staff is now on the city payroll. Many of the people Emanuel put on the staff are now placed at the DOWM and other departments. Maybe I got it all wrong about change, maybe you did to. At the end of the month it is all fair game.

When you got time stop by Rahm Emanuel’s house at 4228 North Hermitage and see the mess yourself. I would ask my girlfriend, but she is out of town again. It all sounds too familiar.

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