Chicago Injured Employees call Texas in case of an emergency now.

Many Chicago City of Chicago employees used to call their boss when they were injured. If you had a crap boss they would order you to go to the yard because they refused to go to the scene of the injury. One of the best ways to limit liability is to have an officer of the department go to the scene and make notes. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management used to send the safety department out to access the situation to limit liabilities and document everything. It makes sense to me. Now that they hired more political hires at the Safety Department, they give them less to do. Typical.

The City of Chicago has changed the protocol and now wants injured workers to call layers of management companies under the control of Gallagher-Bassett. Lori Lightfoot stuck a boot in Alderman Burke’s ass after finding out all the money he was scamming from Hennessey and Roach for legal bills to pad his political accounts. Still, the City of Chicago should have fired the entire Committee on Finance employees, but they have failed to do so. Now Chicago taxpayers pay double while they try to sort out all the corruption at the Department of Finance.

Now if you are injured while working in the ditches, or shot while working, you are to call PC365 at 1.833.204.0067 and a nurse will answer in a Texas call center. The Nurse in Texas will decide with no visuals on the best way to treat your injuries. The idea is to continue to screw injured workers out of workers’ compensation benefits. Commissioner Conner approved this for the DOWM. This is again not thought out.

You can call your boss after and the taxpayers will have one less thing for these $125,000.00 hacks per year to do. Chicago is already rated as the worst workers’ compensation system in the country so far, can they go lower? This system is working in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Let see what the results are. Better yet, let’s follow the money. Alderman Burke and Alderman Carrie Austin are on the outs, let’s see who gets paid. Work Safe.

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  1. According to your posting your lawsuit resulted in The Workers comp being moved and all decision are based on politics. Well if that was not fake news then it’s your fault we have to call
    Texas. Just another example of you playing or taking both sides

    Well it’s Just Karma. You own it just like you buddy who said he could not drive for the city because of an injury but was driving for Uber. What comes around goes around.

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