Former Chicago Water Department Hero Paul Hansen

“Chicago Police Officer Superintendent” Paul Hansen

It was a great day for the City of Chicago when Paul Hansen was fired. He drove home in his big Chevrolet Black Suburban while his black cat sat in the front window. Paul was given a powerful position left vacant by and Caulker Mike Tierney. The position was North District Superintendent, it was a great chance to make points with the Plumber’s Local 130 Union and sell tickets for political events. It was also a moneymaker if you were around when Hired Trucks rolled in Chicago. Also, you could obtain a Plumber’s License if you were a real standout. Hell, you would not even have to go to school.

Paul used his position to empower himself and was nothing less than a troublemaker when he had the position. The Bosses at the DOWM always looked the other way because Paul had the protection of Alderman Tunney. Despite the many complaints made against Paul to the Illinois Department of Human Rights, the City Inspector General, and other agencies, Paul was always protected. When Paul broke into the North District General Superintendent’s locker, they moved the GS. I am certain the ex-cop Bresnahan enjoyed Paul’s activities.

Paul would make charges against people and would behave like a seasoned alcoholic or drug addict. His misuse of the position was legendary. Paul would drive into the North District at high speed like a weirdo. When Paul was in his office, he loved to wield power and was considered a loser. Paul told people to lie at hearings and the employees complied. When Paul lost his job for emails that were racial and homophobic, you think the City of Chicago DOWM would have reviewed all complaints Paul made against city workers. Paul should have been fired when he received a D.U.I and continued to collect mileage reimbursements. Instead, he was promoted. Thank Joe Ferguson for that, he was busy trying to figure out who took a box of pencils from streets and sanitation. When the Inspector General investigated, the DOWM Commissioner tipped off the investigation and warned all parties to prepare. The fix was in.

Paul also sent whistleblowers to different districts, interfered with workers comp benefits and continued to make an ass out of himself. Paul promoted his friends.

When Paul lost his job, his wife dumped his ass like a bad habit. Smart move. Next, the big old Suburban disappeared, and the house disappeared. Things appeared to be falling apart for Paul. It is times like that when you need to look inside and make changes. You need to think, what am I doing that is making things fall apart? Is it drugs? Is it heavy drinking? Is it a shit attitude?

Many Chicago employees were pleased when Paul left. The north district started to stabilize. After a time of a couple of wannabees, things are almost sensible. Back to Paul.

Just recently Paul came under my radar again. His actions are pretty much on par with what he has always done. Paul decided to date another girl after his divorce. I am certain even Paul Hansen was tired of looking in the mirror. It looks as though Paul would get his gander up when he was drinking. Something he allegedly takes pride in. Paul was dating a girl that is small and petite. He reputably attempted to choke her and control her with a brutal assault. Paul liked to call her and make her cry with his bullshit. Threats and other actions against women are completely out of line and certainly let you know what a person is really like.

On May 3, 2019, Paul was arrested (2nd time?) for assaulting this little woman. The six foot and 220 lb. Paul was arrested, throw in jail and had to turn over his guns. Paul said he had them locked in his gun vault in the basement of the 6300 block of North Kilpatrick. The victim went to court, but the court case was changed to the morning and dismissed. The victim was not notified. The victim went to court in the afternoon and then told the case was dismissed. Amazing how that works.

Paul then applied to get his weapons returned. He told the court he was an employee of the Chicago Police Department and the gun was his service revolver. The CPD said Paul was never an employee of the CPD, ever. When Paul got his D.U.I. he was under orders to get counseling for drinking and anger management, I guess that didn’t work out so well. Being the son of an Alderman means you never got enough attention from your adopted pops. Certified letters went out to Judge Kathleen Lanahan and the States Attorney. Certified Letters went to the Illinois State Police. Let’s see what they did to protect us from Paul.

These are the people Rahm Emanuel and the City of Chicago promoted. I know of many lawsuits against the City of Chicago because of Paul. I also know of more on the way.

When the Department of Water Management continues to coverup for the political class, they cost taxpayers millions. More on this later.

Maybe Mike Tierney of Local 130 could ask Paul why he has an unlicensed Plumbing and sewer business out of the 6300 block of North Kilpatrick? Allegedly.

Plaintiffs in lawsuit that claimed racism in water department want Mayor Lori Lightfoot to release city records


Plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit alleging racial discrimination at the city water department called on Mayor Lori Lightfoot Thursday to stop fighting the release of records they say could bolster their case.

Victor Henderson, lawyer for the six plaintiffs, said city lawyers have been trying to stop them from getting their hands on emails, hiring records and other information they’ve requested as part of the discovery process in the 2017 suit.

The plaintiffs say African American employees of the department routinely were denied promotions, subjected to racial slurs and sexually harassed because of their race.

Noting that Lightfoot is an openly gay African American woman who pledged during her campaign to “bring in the light” to city government, Henderson said the city should cooperate with the plaintiffs’ requests.

“The city has a history of ignoring racism, a history of it, a sordid history,” Henderson said at a news conference at a downtown law firm. “This time around, it should be different. What we want the mayor to do is, tell the lawyers at the city and the lawyers that they’ve hired to stop fighting the request for the information. Turn the information over.”[

City Law Department spokesman Bill McCaffrey called claims the city did not provide documents in the case “categorically false.”

“In fact, last week both parties reported to the judge that discovery was progressing and no complaints were raised before the court,” McCaffrey said in a statement.

Henderson said his clients also want Lightfoot to fire Water Management Commissioner Randy Conner, the African American man who Mayor Rahm Emanuel brought in to clean up the water department when the city inspector general turned up racist and sexist emails in 2017. In the two years since Conner was appointed, the environment has not changed in the department, Henderson said.

Tom Cullerton going down to Shitown

Another Illinois politician is going down the tubes thinking they would never get busted.

I am especially happy because this is another politician involved with fixing workers’ compensation cases in Illinois. I explain the confusion, when arbitrators are picked it is a secret process, you can not make a settlement in Chicago unless you know how to work the system. Cases are dragged on forever, workers are forced with starvation, and lawyers fail to take any steps to litigate cases. The fix is in.

Lawyers always make kickbacks to Alderman, union fix cases, state reps, and state senators, get nice campaign contributions for greasing cases. They all meet and exchange envelopes at golf outings. Powerful Unions force settlements for favored members. About a year ago, cards were placed at the IWCC 8th floor of the James Thompson Building. Several disgruntled attorneys agreed to wear wires at hearings.

The conversations were never about the injured worker, it was about lunch, settlement terms, and the weather. What was in it for the lawyers? Lawyers seemed unfazed as their clients did not receive disability payments for years. “We will get there” was a typical statement. The longer the cases went on, the more money the lawyers made.

Cullerton is now the tip of the iceberg. The Feds are climbing up the latter fast. More are talking because of all the wires. Alderman Edward Burke got lots of cake from the lawyers, now he will need to return most of it. Funny, when you don’t know when to leave, you are shown the door. The is not a ticket to an event, it is massive amounts of money.

Chicago ABC 7 NEWS Craig Wall exposed Water Department again and again

Discrimination complaints lead to calls for Chicago’s Water Commissioner to be fired

Coo Coo Conner

Allegations of persistent discrimination at the Chicago Water Department are prompting calls for the mayor to shake up the department.By Craig WallCHICAGO (WLS) — Allegations of persistent discrimination at the Chicago Water Department are prompting calls for the mayor to shake up the agency.

An African American and openly gay engineer recently resigned over what she described as a hostile work atmosphere. Now, she and others who have sued the department are pressuring Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the city’s first openly gay mayor, to fire the African American commissioner.

Katherine Ealy worked for the Chicago Water Department for nearly 20 years. She quit her position as chief operating engineer at the Sawyer water treatment facility two weeks ago because she said racism and homophobia made for a toxic work environment.

“During my entire time there my gender, sexual orientation or color was always an issue,” Ealy said.

Ealy is a plaintiff in a federal lawsuit filed two years ago. She alleges that she was constantly micromanaged and disrespected by her supervisors and those who worked under her because she’s black and gay.

The city claims that Ealy was suspended last year for not properly supervising subordinates and for not providing a new mother a private pumping room.

For years, allegations of pervasive discrimination has dogged the city’s Water Department.

Ealy said nothing has changed, despite the appointment of Randy Connor as commissioner two years ago under former Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“I continued to feel each and every day that the culture at the Water Department has not changed and that upper management from commission Randy Connor on down was setting me up to fail,” Ealy said.

“The mayor ran on hope and change and said that she was gonna shine the light and so we hope that she shines the light on the Water Department,” said Victor Henderson, plaintiff’s attorney.
Henderson is calling on the mayor to fire Commissioner Randy Connor.

“What we want is for her to take a water hose and clean out the Water Department, get rid of the cronyism, get rid of the racism, get rid of the nepotism, get rid of the homophobia. Clean the place out,” Henderson said.

The chairman of the City Council’s Black Caucus defended Connor, saying he’s doing a good job in a tough situation.

“We’re not condoning any discrimination whatsoever, we just know it’s not as simple as switching a switch and it just goes away,” said Alderman Jason Ervin. “Again, these are attitudes and years of stuff that’s built up in people and I know that he’s doing the best he can to remedy those situations.”

The plaintiffs are also asking the mayor to hold a closed-door meeting with Water Department employees to hear directly from them.

They also claim the city is withholding documents and emails in the lawsuit, which a Chicago Law Department spokesman disputed.