Tom Cullerton going down to Shitown

Another Illinois politician is going down the tubes thinking they would never get busted.

I am especially happy because this is another politician involved with fixing workers’ compensation cases in Illinois. I explain the confusion, when arbitrators are picked it is a secret process, you can not make a settlement in Chicago unless you know how to work the system. Cases are dragged on forever, workers are forced with starvation, and lawyers fail to take any steps to litigate cases. The fix is in.

Lawyers always make kickbacks to Alderman, union fix cases, state reps, and state senators, get nice campaign contributions for greasing cases. They all meet and exchange envelopes at golf outings. Powerful Unions force settlements for favored members. About a year ago, cards were placed at the IWCC 8th floor of the James Thompson Building. Several disgruntled attorneys agreed to wear wires at hearings.

The conversations were never about the injured worker, it was about lunch, settlement terms, and the weather. What was in it for the lawyers? Lawyers seemed unfazed as their clients did not receive disability payments for years. “We will get there” was a typical statement. The longer the cases went on, the more money the lawyers made.

Cullerton is now the tip of the iceberg. The Feds are climbing up the latter fast. More are talking because of all the wires. Alderman Edward Burke got lots of cake from the lawyers, now he will need to return most of it. Funny, when you don’t know when to leave, you are shown the door. The is not a ticket to an event, it is massive amounts of money.

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