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In Bridgeport, Shakman Violations continue to be exposed due to the diligence of Chicago Clout Reporters. Chicago Park District Employees keep the 11th Ward Calendar in full view of everyone that visits this park. Armour Park is located at 3309 South Sheilds, and you can call (312) 747-6012 to contact them, ask for your 11th Ward Calendar!!!! I call it political propaganda. John Daley should do something about this. This 11th Ward Political calendar is also in full display during elections. Read this story about the Daley White Mob boyz and park gang-bangers, click here: Do you know this famous Chicago Politician? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. That rich con artist phony conservative Jon Cox really screwed this nice and poor guy.

  2. famous politician? are you kidding me? the only thing he is famous in our city for is losing.he has lost as a democrat, and a republican. he is also a relative to some of the bad boys in your article. carl segvich is a ten time loser and a scum bag . putting bumper stickers with other peoples thoughts on them on your car does not make you a communitee activist. it just makes you an asshole without an original thought

  3. Good point–that is stupid to put an article that’s 10 years old up there.

    And Carl Segvich is a loser.

  4. Is it true that ( Unnamed) who is a Motor Truck Driver at the Department of Water Management at 3901 South Ashland Ave. participated in the Lenard Clark beating? Did (Unnamed), who is an 11th Warder ever face chargers for this brutal, senseless, racist assault?

    This is an old article but many questions are still unanswered!!!

    Thanks for the reminder Pat

    (Response) Please do not use this website to slander or pass false rumors. Since you posted your identity, this post slipped through. This man’s name was removed as this was a false rumor, per his lawyer. His law firm has people I know working there. Stop the bad posts.

  5. (Response) Please do not use this website to slander or pass false rumors. Since you posted your identity, this post slipped through. This man’s name was removed as this was a false rumor, per his lawyer. His law firm has people I know working there. Stop the bad posts.


    Your website posted an article regarding (Armour Park Square Park Chicago Politics) which had an attachment to the racism and the Lenard Clark beating which opened the door to this discussion. A questioned was asked if the said individual took part in this vicious crime. In a group discussion it was revealed that the said individual has made derogatory, racist and slanderous remarks about his fellow co-workers. This gave rise to where the said individual was mentioned in the above crime by several people in the above discussion. It was my belief that this website was designed to retrieve or to input about any knowledge any one had in regards to wrongdoing or abuse.

    (Response) this website is for advancing truth.

    This question was not posted to slander or pass false rumors about the individual in question. This question was posted in regards to the racism and 11th Ward Politics and those that have been exempt from past crimes or wrongdoing that have taken place in the above Ward and that if anyone indeed has personal knowledge of this crime or activity.

    Furthermore, are the comments made about Mr. Carl Segvich slanderous or false rumors or do they indeed have substance and foundation? Do most of the comments made on this site have merit or substance? Are individual who have Lawyers as personal friends exempt from questions that need answers?

    After all this is not communist China…by the way Russia’s U.S.S.R. or Soviet Union block fell in 1990. The above Empire is no longer a Communist Society and some of their allies are now part of N.A.T.O., f.y.i.

  6. Pat,
    We reported this in July as you remember. The calendar is now on October. Wonder if you can write a couple sentences about this and post it with this picture on your site.

    All I have to say is : My name is Carl Segvich and this calendar , in violation of law, is in plain view of where my neighbors and fellow 11th warders will be voting Feb 5th. Only 14 feet away! With the 1-party system being a big reason why the Daley mafia is so corrupt, and for many more reasons, I am trying to get my neighbors to vote republican. However there is crooked John Daley’s intimidating and dispicable calendar, 365 days a year, for the past 50 years, working on the minds of the UNWITTING !!! YOU WONDER WHY WE ARE ALL SO DUMBED-DOWN…and why we have such idiots in public office!

    Little old ladies are being thoroughly brainwashed……..well, that’s just for starters.

    People have been voting in front of this calendar for at least 50 years. In fact, it only recently dawned on me that this was in V I O L A T I O N of election laws. It’s intimidating ( and it works because that’s the only way Daleys whores can win — they can’t debate obviously because they know nothing ). This is electioneering with naked aggression. It’s in broad daylight. It is right in your face, just like your tax bill. Stay stupid and stay in line…because the Daley’s insist you can’t live without them giving you jobs. It’s not a public gov’t called Chicago; it’s a private candy store called Chicago.

    Mr. Daley, TEAR DOWN THAT CALENDAR! Also, as the year is now ending, please stop handing these dispicable calendars to unwitting senior citizens; stop giving them to restaurants with the implication they’re safe from inspections if they post them up. Please stop insulting our people.

    Folks, don’t take these intimidating calendars. Better you put up a NASCAR calendar or a John Wayne calendar.

    P.S. Attention city hall: we reported this 3 months ago. What say you?

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