Weekend Water Sports

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I had another great weekend with my family. I like this photo of Sarah and Katlin. I know, I could have spent my paycheck at the gambling boat as does many Chicago City Workers, but time and money spent on family and friends, is time well spent. I missed church this Sunday, but I am sure God will forgive me. Next weekend, I am having a party for my daughter that is going away to college. I look forward to a great time. Summer will end soon and the court room activities should keep everyone warm all winter. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. You are, indeed, blessed.

    Savor what you have, enjoy the day.

    Before you know it, they’ll be grown and these days will be only memories.

    Balance, me boy, Balance.

  2. Hey Patty.

    Listen to me my boy, I am all with you, I can not show my face, or my name.
    But you need to get the reporters involved with this coruption, tell me who is in Jail because of your web site?
    They are just laughing at you my boy!!! Tell you what, I bet if certain people go to jail because of your exposer of these people on here, you would get a very lot of respect.
    It sound like Randazzo know alot about coruption in sanitation, why hasn’t any one gone to jail yet?
    (Response) This is not about people going to jail. I do not want anyone to go to jail. I would hope to remove Chicago Department of Water Management Employees that are scamming the system and making the job unfair for those that are making an attempt to giver the taxpayers a fair shake.

  3. Hey watch Randazzo, he’s like a pit bull, once he gets those teeth into you… there’s no getting him off tour ass!!

  4. Angelo Torres, Valerie Jones, John (Quarters Boyle), Jim Lanki, wait im running out of space!!! says:

    Response to:


    Dude where have you been my man, Pluto?

    Don’t tell anyone that Patrick McDonough is DEEPWATER and responsible for uncovering the biggest corruption scandal in Chicago Politics…millions of Federal Tax Dollars that have found there way into politicians pockets…well read for yourself.

    July 27, 2007
    BY ABDON M. PALLASCH Legal Affairs Reporter apallasch@suntimes.com

    Hired Truck boss Angelo Torres’ secretary told a grand jury she never saw cash passed in the office, according to an indictment handed up Thursday.
    She was lying and is now charged with one count of perjury, according to the indictment. Valerie Jones, 40, becomes the 49th person charged in the Hired Truck scandal that has seen 44 people convicted since it began in January 2004.
    49 people have been charged in the federal government’s investigation of the Hired Truck Program and City Hall hiring. 44 have been convicted, including more than 20 city workers.

    MY MAN FROM PLUTO… 44 PEOPLE CONVICTED WHO WHERE FUNNELING STOLEN TAX DOLLARS TO…OUR LEGESLATORS!! What have you done for society lately? You are a…………arm……..chair…….QAUTERBACK!!!
    It is self-evident that the only ones that have absolutely no knowledge of what’s going on are you and I don’t know anything Daley! Daley has a reason though, it’s called jail.

    P.S. Semi-trucks that once sat idle are now rolling productively and created over a hundred jobs due to Deepwater’s participation. Now get off the chair Pluto and inform yourself of your political surroundings, because Pluto that, was a dam ass stupid posting.

  5. Pat, you are shaking quite a few trees, making a lot of folks angry. No problem there, but do you REALLY think it is a good idea to have your family involved with this web site?!! I would think that you would have more sense(Response) Are we in the USSR?

  6. “Pat, you are shaking quite a few trees, making a lot of folks angry.

    No problem there, but do you REALLY think it is a good idea to have your family involved with this web site?!!

    I would think that you would have more sense

    (Response) Are we in the USSR?”

    Sometimes it seems like it.

    And, we don’t have to be ‘in the USSR’, we’re in Crook County and there are more than just thieves in this jungle.

    On the slightly bright side, if these ‘angry’ people had the balls, they wouldn’t be such sneaky, little, pickpocket liars.

    Of course, they do know how to sub-contract.

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