Time for Mare Daley to start answering questions

Mare Daley.jpg
Mare Daley has been very quiet in the last few years. Chicago Newspapers must keep up the tough questions about Mayor Daley and his Mob Connections. “Ties” The Hired Truck Scandal, the Chicago Police Torture under Jon Burge and States Attorney Daley. The HDO, The Hiring Scandal, and the massive amount of high ranking Chicago Employees under Federal Scrutiny. We can go on and on about the phony contracts, minority set asides. When our reporters attempt to ask a fair question, Daley stammers, lies, denies, accuses the reporters. I am sick of the lack of answers, I am sick of the foul barnyard answers. Did Daley know Torres? I think Chicago needs a mayor that can tell the truth for a change. Daley had not held the Catholic Cardinal of Chicago to the fire for the child abuse scandals. Photo by Patrick McDonough

6 Replies to “Time for Mare Daley to start answering questions”

  1. That proves once again the old saying, “One picture is worth a thousand words.”

  2. Normally I would be insulted by this picture, but Daley is letting us down with these massive tax increases.

  3. Nice photo of U S Attorney Fitzgerald! Is chicagoclout selling a poster version of the photo?
    (Response) Are you blind, thats Mare Daley, Fitzgerald is tall and good looking!

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