All Local 130 City of Chicago Members

Make sure you post a grievance, on August 1, 2007. According to Mr. G of Local 130, Tom Talley of the Department of Water Management, is allowing Laborers to do the work of Plumbers. This relates to Fire Hydrants. Tom Durkin, Plumbers Local 130 B.A., told Mr. G, the City is not in compliance of the agreement. If you know Tom McManus of Local 130, and retired City Worker, let him know. I have grievances over seven years old, so why bother, now days you should get a receipt. Patrick McDonough

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  1. us city workers are not doing are job. we are all very excited when we hear of a contract, but we do nothing when the city doesnt live up to its agreement of that contract. its about more than the money, but dont fret my fellow union brothers and sisters help is on the way. stay tuned. ELEVEN
    (Response) I like 11 even if he is 11.

  2. Hey Pat, here is another flaw in the contract of the laborer’s 1092 union,
    look at section 15.1 A and B
    there is a flaw about openings to be filled,and how the openings get handled. As a member of Local 726 I can not get involved because I am not a laborer but I thought some one should look at this.

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