Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Clout wishes you the best the next four years.

I wish Rahm the best. Chicago Clout has fought Daley tooth and nail for years. We are here and Daley is toast. I also admire Rahm Emanuel's wife, I am sure she will make all of Chicago proud. Our work at Chicago Clout is not done, corruption will continue. But now, the average Joe and working stiff might get a chance in court. Thank you all the good folks that challenged Daley, he stayed far too long. Several people have agreed to come forward on Chicago Clout and tell us all they know on our TV show. The iron fist of Daley scared far too many. Time to talk and heal. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Hey Rahm I have your solution.Why dont u start with all the phonies on D D there r people on there for 5 years.FIRE THEM or get them all back to work.Get ride of middle management,we need more workers then bosses making 6 figures. And finally u need to lay off,give me back my base salary and u can keep the rest.Thats s a start,now u figure out the rest.

  2. Hello Patrick, Have you lost your mind? wishing Rahm the best? Come on man.
    Did you ever think the fight is over with corruption at the Water Management? I have seen many things that go on at the Water Management, The corruption, the stealing of time with certain laborers, In fact one laborer—-I will save that one for FEDERAL court! The laborers lying to the Inspector General about certain facts against a truck driver, this doesn’t sit well with me. The retaliations and harassments against me. Pat, Listen my brother, these people do not know they cannot mess with a “Whistle Blower”. I have tryed not to get involved with the corruption, I wanted to fade away, I have seen how nasty these corruptors are. Its not a pretty picture. So Now I was pushed back into fighting the corruption. So here I am Patrick, Full speed ahead!!!!!! News Media… full speed ahead, Inspector general do your fricken job when I call in!! fedreal court cases ….full speed ahead. Press conference in front of City Hall…full spead ahead. Now I want Justice for all the corruption that is happening, all the cover ups will be exposed. Tired of sitting on the sidelines.

  3. Well pal, where is the “mission accomplished banner” at? should be hanging accross the top of ur web site.come on and lets gloat!

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