Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Clout wishes you the best the next four years.

I wish Rahm the best. Chicago Clout has fought Daley tooth and nail for years. We are here and Daley is toast. I also admire Rahm Emanuel's wife, I am sure she will make all of Chicago proud. Our work at Chicago Clout is not done, corruption will continue. But now, the average Joe and working stiff might get a chance in court. Thank you all the good folks that challenged Daley, he stayed far too long. Several people have agreed to come forward on Chicago Clout and tell us all they know on our TV show. The iron fist of Daley scared far too many. Time to talk and heal. Patrick McDonough

Tom Morris, Chicago Local 150 Engineer and Male Makeup Artist Assaulted

male makeup artist 1.jpg City of Chicago Department of Water Management Engineer and Male Makeup Artist was assaulted the third time October 24, 2009. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management does not seem to get the facts right on assault and battery, time after time. The dog and pony show of protecting workers has again been exposed as fraud. Commissioners do not listen to people that tell the truth unless they are on a petition drive or actively working a campaign. The Department of Water has management that was never educated in a college environment, many of these goons made their marks lying about co-workers, or being at the right place at the right time, for the right political campaign. It is no secret, uneducated managers put workers together that do not get along, a sure recipe for fights. After Hired Truck Scandal, Daley dumped some washed out coppers over to the department with no people skills, using the same abusive tactics they used on poor blacks and Hispanics. I am hoping Chicago News Stations do a story on Tom Morris, make-up artist for many famous judges and just a couple of weeks ago, made-up Dorothy Brown, Cook County Clerk. Tom was choked in the last assault incident, resulting in marks to his neck and back injuries. The Water Department suspended Tom instead of the actual perpetrator, despite medical proof! I do not blame Daley for selling the Chicago Department of Water Management; Daley destroyed a once great department with politics and corruption. Photo enhanced by Patrick McDonough