Tommie Talley made the Chicago Sun-Times Today. Fired again!

Tommie Talley Jr. Fired Again Maybe it is time to call State Rep. John “No-show” D’Amico for a job. I hope the Chicago newspapers interview John “the butcher” Daley. Photo from the Chicago Sun-Times. The Watchdogs. Please read this link Sorry Tommie, let me know when you remember things, maybe than I can help you. Call John Spatz. Patrick McDonough.

6 Replies to “Tommie Talley made the Chicago Sun-Times Today. Fired again!”

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA good people , holy crap what a tool, it really is a crying shame that he is gonna get a full pension based on his highest salary and will get it now, (Response) Chuck, they really screwed him at the last minute. Talley clammed up in depositions, so he did it to himself. It is OK.

  2. He is still playing the fox. He allowed John D’Amico to show up to work at the Jardine Plant only now and than. Let me try that!

  3. Tally you was so busy ho’n and setting up your harem. You truely promoted the Platos Retreat atmosphere. I hope I didn’t catch anything from you.

  4. Talley was/is a backstabbing,lying, no-good asshat ..He got what he reap what you sow ..good riddens..PS I’m really enjoying my retirement!

  5. Talley is crooked as they come…. Graham told him, when he got fired, it wasn’t because of his work….he didn’t do any work…..he’s a political bootlicker, ask Tomsack

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