Two Major Political Idiots walk in Filthy Water

Des Plaines Flooded Again.jpg
U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and Des Plaines Mayor Tony (Discount TIF Condo) Arredia walk in filthy river water after the major storm that hit the Midwest. While it made good video, enjoy click here:, you would never get a even an fool like Mayor Daley to remove his shoes to walk in waste water. At least Mayor Daley would get some 11th Ward lackey to walk in the filthy water. Remember, do not walk into dirty water, wear rubber boots. If you get a cut, you can get an infection and die. Please enjoy this picture of Mayor Arredia’s future “River Walk”, looks like you will need a canoe to walk down this river. Well, thank God it is Taxpayer money. Thank you Channel 7 News for exposing more stupid politicians. Photo by Patrick McDonough.