Des Plaines Alderman relaxes during Midwest Major Flood

Alderman Mark Walsten.jpg
During a major dirty Des Plaines election, two candidates promised a lady candidate, if she won, to make her life hell. Please enjoy the Des Plaines Alderman enjoying a can of “Refreshment” while the Des Plaines 6th Ward tries to survive a major Midwest flood. Many resident called him to find out about the lack of electricity. He told them, “Do not call unless your house is on fire”. Some residents said he is not answering his phone. This is a photo of Walsten yucking it up with a Des Plaines resident at 1812 Orchard. Some politicians know how to ride a storm out and some do not. Photo taken August 25, 2007 during power outage. Photo by Patrick McDonough

3 Replies to “Des Plaines Alderman relaxes during Midwest Major Flood”

  1. You give us all a wonderful treat, a lovely picture of a lovely young lady……

    Then you make us look at this piece of shit.

    Bad Patrick.

    Really Bad.

  2. What is in Alderman Walsten’s hand? Is it a hand grenade? Todd Wessell endorsed him? The Journal must need a TIF for their property.

  3. Mark was just out doing the best job he knew how to do , he was collecting all the beer before it got warm and helping dispose of it, Hey Mark didn’t see you sand bagging on River RD. I guess you were just sand bagging the residents, Hey did you stop the library from flushing….how low can u get???

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