More genius insight into Daley Blago by Fran Spielman

Make sure to read into the fine lines of this article. Mayor Daley wants to deal with criminals and gang-bangers with taxpayer’s money. I would not be surprised if Mayor Daley would continue to reward these goons with membership to H.D.O. and give them good paying city jobs. Remember Daley wants to hire convicts back on the City Payroll, remember? Well, his convicted pals might want to return to work. Thanks Chicago Sun-Times. Read below. Patrick McDonough.

]]>Daley rips gov for cutting gang-negotiation funds

August 30, 2007
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
Mayor Daley blasted Gov. Blagojevich again Wednesday — this time for vetoing $6.2 million for an inner-city program aimed at defusing gang conflicts and the shootings they trigger.
Daley stepped up his criticism of the embattled Democratic governor on the eve of a rally aimed at pressuring the governor to restore CeaseFire funding.
“If they save one life, it’s worth it. And they do save a lot of lives,” Daley said.
Daley said he’s “very disappointed” the governor abused his veto power to salvage his failed health-care initiative.
“These programs can be substantiated how important they are to a school, to a park, to a library, to CeaseFire. … This is not just wasted money. A lot of programs, you may talk about wasted money. These are not wasted programs.”
CeaseFire workers negotiate conflicts between gang members in high-crime neighborhoods and claim a remarkable success rate. In neighborhoods where its “streetwise” workers are active, shootings and killings have dropped by 45 percent.

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  1. Even a functional moron, like the mayor, knows that there’s never gonna be enough swag to bribe the gang-bangers into not being gang-bangers. The insane ‘War on Drugs’ inflation of the values of consumer demanded products assures these gangs of a consistent flow of cash rivaling anything the mayor can skim off of the taxpayer-financed ‘pot ‘o gold’.

    And, gang-bangers don’t pay taxes on their income.

    If the mayor really wants to do something effective to reduce the violence, he should stand up for the end to this ill-conceived ‘War on Drugs’, which is actually a war on our freedoms, and promote the restoration of this city’s citizens Constitutional Right to Bear Arms.

    Chicago cops routinely are assumed to have had just cause whenever they use a firearm / deadly force on this city’s citizens, but, let a citizen use a firearm for their self-defense, or the defense of others, and they’re assumed to have committed a crime, until proven otherwise.

    At the very least, any citizen of this once great city who HAS a firearm, is already committing a crime, according to city ordinance.

    So, the mayor says he wants to reduce the violence, yet, deprives the citizens of the means for them to protect themselves and their fellow citizens.

    Just the kind of ‘logic’ one would expect from a moron.

    (Response) I respect a person’s right to bear arms. I have two arms and put a shirt over them every day. My arms help me reach a fork when I am hungry. My arms help me do plumbing and that is how I support my family. Sooooo……. Arms are good things. I need my arms also, Patrick McDonough Chicago

  2. Thanks for posting my comment, even if you did so to mock the thoughts contained therein.

    I invite you to come live in MY neighborhood during the summer months, then make your feeble jokes.

    I’ll even front you the dough for some deep tanning lotion, so you’ll have a chance to fit in.

    You’re on your own with the roaches and rats, both the ones you’ll find inside your rental apartment and out on the streets.

    But, then, you talk like a tough guy, so you shouldn’t have any problem living in my hood.
    (Response) I try not to make fun of anyone. Sometimes, I have a dry sense of humor.

  3. “Sometimes, I have a dry sense of humor.”

    This, coming from a professional plumber.


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