Chicago Water Department forces out LGBTQ Leader

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has lost a black woman, a former member of the U.S. Naval Forces, respected leader, and a member of the LGBTQ community. This is one amazing Chief Engineer of the Eugene Sawyer Water Plant in Chicago Illinois. After a blazing career with the DOWM for 19 years and 11 months, with no discipline or trouble, the tables quickly turned.

Katherine Ealy felt the retaliation of the Paul Hansen emails that scorned gays, blacks, and minorities. Working for the City of Chicago when whites have power is no easy task. White are documented racists and held power by writing up blacks and others they consider undesirable, by writing them up just before a job posting. It was not until the email scandal did Katherine Ealy rise to power and assume command of one of the major water purification plants in Chicago.

Katherine Ealy was a poster child of successful black women in Chicago. The Department of Water Management felt they were duped into giving a lady this power, and no sooner than obtaining the position, did the following employees plot her demise;

Commissioner Randy Conner, Deputy Commissioner John Pope, first deputy Julie “Ho-Ho’ Hernandez-Tomlin, and Marisol Santiago, were all working to limit her authority and make her life a living hell. This is an old trick in the department so they can give the job to someone they wanted to give the job to in the first place. Micromanaging a person leaves the job promotion with no value. Undermining a person’s authority causes nothing but problems. The Department of Water Management is notorious for giving power to people and then undermining them.

Kathleen was loved and admired at the water plant. She was well respected and considered a leader that would supervise the needed repairs to make the water in Chicago safe again. Kathleen was recognized by the U.S. Navy as an outstanding Sailor.

You think the water department would go out of their way to provide leadership tools and training to make Katherine flourish. The DOWM had an outstanding exemplary employee that was forced out by power-hungry whites and Hispanics that refuse to give an LGBTQ person the chance to reflect on the victory of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

I am certain the Federal Lawsuit filed by powerhouse Attorney Victor Henderson of Henderson Parks had much to do with the onslaught of harassment and retaliation experienced by Katherine. The five days of disciple given to her is unheard of in whites power circles. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s staff is aware of this attack on a woman. It can not be tolerated any longer. If you think the Department of Water Management is something to be proud of, you are as backward as the fools that took over for the old racists. I hope the Commissioner shows some thought and refuse a resignation and has Sharon Jackson of the Jardine personnel department tear up that letter. It is time for the hate and polices of old to stop ruining the department.

Remember, you get a lot more from employees when you treat them right. We ain’t stupid, we see what you do.

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