Chicago Police escort Patrick McDonough around City Hall looking for files

Thanks to my Chicago Police Friends for the great treatment

July 19, 2019

When Chicago’s most famous Plumber went to Chicago City Hall to obtain records from the Department of Finance on 3M, the lackeys from Old Alderman’s Burke team went cray cray. The receptionist panicked and ran inside the offices. I was asked to wait and was relieved they did not send out the last clown that jammed a badge in my face.

The all-new and improved Workers’ Compensation employees should all be on the unemployment line thanks to a Federal lawsuit Jay Stone and I filed. The lawsuit ended up helping Lori Lightfoot become Mayor and start need reforms. The City lawyers that said they are not changing W/Comp in Chicago, were forced due to the Mayor’s demands.

Not long ago, I requested information on my W/ Comp file and was stalled by the DOF FOIA officer. The FOIA’s in the past made way for their former boss to enjoy a nice stay in the pokey. Another Federal Lawsuit is in the works soon.

As I waited for the FOIA Officer, the Chicago Police were sent to follow me around to City Hall offices. The two police officers were very professional and deserve credit for outstanding behavior. I wish to thank Chicago Police Officer McHugh and his assistant.

I was escorted to the DOF 7th floor and the FOIA Officer was hiding. The receptionist was awesome but nervous when the police escorted me in. I ended up giving my police credentials and off the officers went. I then went to see Alderman Wagnespac.

Alderman Burke and his losers can start all the trouble they want, they can delay all they want, but they will not stop me. You just never know who a person really is until it is too late. Who took the paper off the doors? The Feds are not done yet. HaHa.

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