One comment at the Department of Water Management ignites a firestorm

Riding with the boss can be profitable for some General Superintendents

While getting ready to check out from work on June 4, 2019, a Chicago Water Department woman made a comment regarding a suspicious promotion made at the Jardine Plant. When the City of Chicago makes promotions in the past, you “got under the desk”. To this day, women are mistreated by male bosses with plenty of political power to expect lunch to include buns for their hotdog. Many of these bosses were switched out to other departments when the sexual harassment claims arrived. The Water Department has also failed to protect women.

I have many interesting stories about promotions that are ready for press, but a quick story to wet your whistle is in order.

On June 4, 2019, Maria Garza, a thirty-year veteran made a quip about Jessica Bellows recent promotion. Jessica Richardson Bellows, known as a real blowhard, became upset when she overheard some innocent comments and overreacted. Jessica ran towards Maria and verbally assaulted her. If Jessica thinks she got a promotion on merit, and not those rides with Commissioner Conner to “events”, she is sadly mistaken. I will get into the massive pay raise Jessica got to watch the Leak Desk employees. I guess the DOWM Management needs interference when phone calls about drunk hit and run drivers at the DOWM are made. I assure you; taxpayers should not pay a massive dough for an unqualified blow-up doll to watch incoming phone calls.

Jessica wrote up Maria, maybe thinking no one has the right to think a promotion at the DOWM was made other than by merit. Workers have the right to speak their mind when they have worked somewhere for a long time. Lets, face it, Conner is an old political hack sent by Alderman Austin. Conner is hanging by a thread until Burke explains the Old Post Office Deal.

Please watch and see if Maria Garza is given time off. I hope she sues the DOWM and makes an Illinois Department of Human Rights complaint. Violence in the workplace complaints will be made, they will be covered up, and life goes on. Chicago Police Department complaints will be filed, and then covered up.

In Jessica’s recent promotion, she proclaims she knows all about pipe and how it is installed. She does. She also was the point person for Inspector General Joe Ferguson and make sure investigations were taken care of.  It is time to fire Femi Sokoya, Randy Conner, and Jessica, and Ms. Hernandez-Tomlin.

We are watching this B.S. and will go into detail soon. Streets and Sanitation guy stick together, Robert Richardson must be proud.

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