Chicago's Saint Patrick's Queen 2008 (Eileen on left)

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Plumber’s Local 130 and the Plumbing Council of Chicagoland picked a pretty polish girl from Park Ridge, Illinois to become the Chicago Saint Patrick’s Queen for 2008. Eileen Kapolnek looked very nice. She accepted the crown from Julie Ann Venci, the Italian winner from last year. In fairness to the girls, James Sullivan should not allow the ladies younger than 21 to enter since they have no chance to win. The contest is great for a young lady that is not 100% Irish to enter. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. This seems like it would be really obvious, but you might not want to keep posting disparaging remarks about the winners of the Queen Contest. They do become part of the judging committee. Within 3 clicks anyone (ie judging committee) can go to this blog and read some pretty sour-grapes postings– especially the not-so-blind item in 9/07 about the 2007 queen.
    And, too make it easier for them to identify who to black-ball, several pictures of your daughter. Not too swift!

    Just think for a second or two, the idea of the St. Patrick’s Queen in Chicago is to promote an Irish Queen. The Committee is screwing the young girls because they will not allow a queen under 21 years of age. Young ladies get dressed up thinking they have a fair and equal chance to become queen. The Committee is dashing the hopes of young girls and wasting their time to have a halfway deceit showing. Mayor Daley called a former Saint Patrick’s Queen a “Dago”. Do you think this hillbilly from the 11th ward will call Eileen a “Polock”? I think the Irish should be St. Patrick’s Day Queens and the other races should enter their own Parades. When you have a bunch of political kiss asses afraid of any political incorrectness, you ruin the contest. The Italians and Polish Beauty Queens would never tolerate a O’Mally or O’Grady for Queen. I think the Plumber’s Local 130 should spend more time protecting their workers instead they parade like fruitcakes for Daley. I think an old women that is a doctor needs to spend he time working instead trying to be a beauty queen when she is too old. The contest should be for young girls that need scholarship money for college.

  2. Eileen’s great grandmother was a survivor of the Titanic coming over from Ireland.

    I’d say that makes her Irish enough.

    (Response) And James Sullivan is a Polock?

  3. I don’t make the rules, I just feel bad that your daughter will keep wasting entire Sundays at a competition for which she’s been identified and black-balled because of dear old dad.

    (Response) Wait, are you saying the thing is rigged?

  4. It’s really sad that you guys need to criticize a 21 year old girl in order to make yourselves feel better. She won, get over it. She’s Irish, she may not have an Irish last name, but she’s Irish, which is what the contest asks for. She’s beautiful and I’m sure she’ll do a great job representing the Irish of Chicago. So to the rest of you.. get a life.

    (Response) Stanley…No one insulted the girl, you are insulted. Try to think in depth. Remember all the girls under 21 that walked down the isle with no chance at all, is that fair?

  5. In Chicago’s Sun-Times Reverd Greeley said Hillary Clinton in not from Chicago, but Park Ridge, what gives?

    Quote from Andrew Greeley in today’s Sun-Times
    If the other senator should be elected and become the first female president, it would be acceptable because she is from Park Ridge, which is not Chicago. Well a Catholic weighed in, NOW WHAT SAY THEE, Patrick McDonough

  6. She’s probably a halfer. It’s what I call all my neices and nephews. I’m 100% Irish. I and my siblings married spouses that were Irish and part german, lithuanian, or polish. I must say however, that bit of european sure pretties up the irish girls. If you were at the queen contest, That 6’1 blonde beauty was one of my neices, and the 5’10 redhead Lindsey Lohan look alike was another. The girl that won is very pretty and however polish she is, that smile is certainly irish.

    (Response) Some of us really do not seem to get the point, and no insult is aimed at this girl. Patrick McDonough

  7. I actually do get your point. I am much more annoyed that the queen and most of the court aren’t even from Chicago. They’re from the suburbs. They should be the queens of their own towns.

  8. Julie, the queen from 2007, was actually Hungarian, not Italian. And, she is probably more Irish than most of the people at the parade that claim to be Irish. I think having a mother from Ireland means a lot more than an Irish name that sounds good. Julie knows more about Ireland and her heritage than anyone on this blog. She has spent most of her summers in Ireland with her family there. She is a classy and intelligent woman who represented Chicago well last year. Eileen is doing a great job. Let her enjoy her year.

    (Response) Am I spoiling some-one’s day? Again, you miss the point of the Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Queen. If this is the way the Chicago Plumber’s Union Local 130 and the political Judges want to pick a Queen, they should allow a “GAY QUEEN” and allow Chicago Black Ladies, and Hispanics to compete. I mean lets all be politically correct, right? I mean in this day and age lets allow men to compete. Back to the circus you CARNY FREAK.

  9. I think the point is that someone is sore that their daughter wasn’t chosen as the queen so the only way they know how to deal is to be ignorant. Well done. Maybe she should go out for the “gay queen” parade.

    (Response) You are not off the boat Irish, I can tell. I am very happy with my daughter that is under 21 years old making an attempt. We all know the girls must be over 21 years old to win. I expect the Judges to be forthright in this, I mean many pretty ladies have no clue to this unwritten rule. Maybe they should start a Junior Queen so the young ladies could make some scholarship money and not have a gift requiring overseas travel if safety is a concern,

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