Chicago St. Patricks Day Queen Laura Cowen and Sarah McDonough (In Green)

Chicago St. atrick's Day Queens.jpg
I really enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day Queen contest at Plumber’s Local 130 Hall today. I met a stunning beauty that was very nice to my family. Laura Cowen has a wonderful husband and I met two of their children. Laura Cowen was the winner of the Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day Contest a few years back. Laura’s daughter could be a St. Patrick’s day Queen in the future. Laura is pictured with Sarah McDonough the official winner of Chicago Clout’s Saint Patrick’s Day Queen. Heck, I own the Website, I will pick a beauty.

James Laski's Book My fall from Grace: City Hall to Prison Walls

my fall from grace.jpg
Please purchase the book here: I hope all Chicago Taxpayers can forgive James Laski. In the Chicago Sun-Times story, James Laski said he was getting his morning coffee and saw the headlines “PAID TO DO NOTHING”., the story of the Mayor Daley’s “Hired Truck Scandal”. That Headline was organized by Patrick McDonough, Mark Brown, and Tim Novak. I am the Whistleblower referred to as “Deep Water”. Again, I am proud of my part in this major story. I actually set up that day that exploded the scandal. That day, the workers on that jobsite were later subject to punishment by the Chicago Water Department Management. Did you know the workers were never allowed a legal appeal? I hope those in the North District leadership know they have just been included in new lawsuits and investigations. Some of these men might lose their pensions after working for the Department of Water management over thirty years. Buy this book. Patrick McDonough.

Patrick McDonough at Work

Patrick McDonough Chicago Clout.jpg
I am in a manhole (valve basin) I bet you would love this gravy job right? My computer system has been down for a while and some major legal filings are on the way. Remember to apply for a job at the City of Chicago, e-mail me for help. Patrick McDonough

Hired Trucks roll at Chicago O'Hare Airport Today

The airplane traffic at O'Hare Airport slows to a crawl as soon as a few snowflakes fall. Chicago's O'Hare Airport is a disgrace and Mayor Daley should clean up the waste of money. On a positive note, I was impressed to see Mayor Daley's Hired Trucks moving the snow to mounds at the south side of the Airport. Hired Trucks roll, planes do not. I hope the teamsters are checking for membership cards. I hope the workers are paid prevailing wage. Maybe they get paid by the load like Tadin's boyz. O'Hare Airport should be avoided at all costs. Patrick McDonough

Election February 5, 2008 Update (WRRDGC) Commissioner Frank Avila

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC) had Commissioner Positions on the ballot February 5, 2008. When I voted yesterday, my neighbors let me know Jan Schakowsky was pushing a candidate other than Commissioner Frank Avila. I wish to thank Alex Armour for returning my call. Sarah Gersten of Jan's staff informed me Jan backed Mariyana Spyropoulos and Dean Maragos. I am wondering why Jan did not support the reelection of Commissioner Frank Avila? Commissioner Frank Avila was the top vote recipient in the category. I cannot tell how happy I am, Commissioner Frank Avila returning back to provide leadership at the district. I think we should give much of the credit to his son, Attorney Frank Avila. Thank you for all the good clean shows for children on the Environment, the Avila Family should rejoice in this victory. Patrick McDonough