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November 25, 2009

McCormick Place bled to death by Mayor Daley and his Goons.

mccormick place chicago.jpg The City of Chicago needs the convention business to not only promote our city, but to provide much needed income to support Mayor Daley and some of the leeches he employs. For over a decade money was flowing into Chicago and no one seemed to care about the waste. I complained about the top-heavy management and the lack of proper certifications to oversee Chicago's departments. Mayor Daley loaded departments up with political hacks, clowns, and incompetent freaks. To get a promotion, you just needed to understand the political games, understand common sense was secondary, and work extra around the political season. Many of Daley hires are still milking the workman's compensation claims despite the many inroads we have made for worker safety. The situation at the McCormick Place is paving the way to how Chicago is seen to the rest of the United States and the World, especially China. You cannot keep milking the convention business in Chicago anymore. Let's review the factors that are sending convention business to other states and cities. The major players in the convention business are high rollers, wealthy, smart, and are business savvy. When they roll into Chicago, they wanted Meigs Field to handle their private planes. These are high class people that are not going to put up with the herds at O'Hare Field. They need to get in and out. Why waste your time on the Kennedy Expressway? The Chicago convention business is run by political hacks that think they are special and above the law. It is run by amateurs and immature morons, period. When businesses go to other cities, they are treated with kid gloves, entertained, wined and dined. When convention executives are in Chicago, they notice the citizens are ticketed and circled like vultures. The red light cameras, the array of high taxes and fees other cities do not experience are a detriment. Taxes for rental cars, taxies, hotels, dining, parking and travel never seem to end in Chicago. Companies attending conventions see no reason to relocate to Chicago. Businesses are like herds, they will continue move in packs away from Chicago. We need to offer some strong incentives to keep conventions in Chicago, hiring Mayor Daley's friends and family is not the answer. Daley's has family employed at McCormick Place. Unions such as Journeyman's Plumbers Local 130 decide which workers work at the convention center instead of a proper application process which could provide better employees. Safeguard the conventioneers by giving management more power to enforce work rules. I think major conventions like the boat show and the car show will stay, but Daley needs to give them incentives like United Airlines tax breaks. I suggest all conventioneers threaten to boycott now for better contacts, Daley will cave in. As I said before and I will say again, keep your eyes open and expose corruption now, before it is too late. Switching subjects, I also hope the incident involving a laborer assaulted by a plumber yesterday at the Department of Water Management is not going to be covered up. I also hope the rise to power by Lemuel Austin from a Department of Water Management laborer to a superintendent's position at Transportation is just a rumor. I know Daley is an idiot, but does he need another black eye to learn his lesson? Keep in touch; I have another gem on Daley's son Patrick! Patrick McDonough.

November 24, 2009

Chicago Scool Board President Michael Scott remembered in song

Michael Scott City of Chicago.jpg The Clout Meisters are finishing the song, "The Ghost of Michael Scott". Michael Scott has fallen on the sword for Mayor Daley. Money was used for personal expenses such as trips to Copenhagen. This alleged suicide is a pattern of behavior by high ranking friends of Mayor Daley and Rod Blagojevich. When small potatoes commit a crime, they rot in Cook County Jail. Politicians steal millions and are left free until their court dates. There is no difference between a bank robber and someone sworn to uphold the public trust. Michael sure delivered whatever Mayor Daley wanted, but when he got in a jam, I guess Daley left him no choice. Photo edited by Chicago Clout.

November 20, 2009

Look closely at this sign with Mayor Daley's name, in the right bottom corner silly.

Mayor Daley sign with federal funds 2.jpg A complete and total nightmare in Chicago is the ongoing construction on Milwaukee Avenue from the six corners to Jefferson Park. I just noticed a new sign with Mayor Daley's name. On the bottom right hand corner in hard to read print is "Federally Funded". I thought we had it with Rod Blagojevich's name on the toll way signs. If it is Federally Funded, why is Daley's name on the sign? Is he trying to take credit for this hobo run project? Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago CBS 2 News goes "Old School" on the competition

Many people in Chicago spent a decade or more watching Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson on channel 2 News. A while ago, I mentioned on Chicago Clout the plans at the news station to bring back the viewers. One of the bright spots at the news station is Dave Savini and Michelle Youngerman. Please watch Dave's latest story, click here; http://cbs2chicago.com/video/?id=64814@wbbm.dayport.com I was a little surprised to see Ms. Youngerman come forward on her personal health situation, that was very brave. I hope this channel continues to put the beat down on Mayor Daley and question his motives. Walter Jacobson was in spectacular fashion with his perspective. ABC 7 is still the king of news in Chicago and they have a great staff, but CBS is aggressive and motivated. I think one of these stations should hire a Chicago City Employee to give a fresh perspective once a week, do you? You know a look from the inside; I think I better start on the treadmill for my new post!

Did the Tadin Goons bite off more than they can chew? Hired Truck Boss back to feast!

Hired Truck Program.jpg Fran Spielman was back on top of her game today tying in Mayor Daley's friend and family program, Mike Tadin's goon enterprises, and the Building Department special inspectors for the 11TH Ward. What do I mean? Tadin an 11TH Ward Goon, is entering into the house building business. If you have money to launder, this is the business the IRS is too uninformed to watchdog. Fran Spielman also put together theft of water from the Chicago Fire Hydrants. Amazing. It seems to me the pieces are almost all together in the Tadin, Daley, Water Department pimps and players. The script; if Tadin is going to build home, all the city building inspectors on the project know to find nothing wrong. This project needs to be watched by the Office of the Inspector General with a close eye. Tadin made millions with his scab trucking company; expect unions to shy away from enforcing a 100% union worksite. The part of the story Fran nailed was related to ABC 7 News special with Plumbing Inspector/ Whistleblower John Swietczak exposing the stealing of water from Fire Hydrants. Chicago Clout also demands an investigation into the way the fines were imposed by the Department of Water Management against contractors caught pilfering water from Chicago taxpayers. Michael Tucker, son of retired Plumbers' local 130 enforcer Paul "RC" Tucker, had his plate full yesterday with an all day Building Department meeting at Chicago City hall. Michael Tucker got a nice ride up the promotion ladder, and needs his workload increased. Chicago Clout also demands a review of the websites he has visited the last few years. Chicago Department of Water Management brass has failed again enforcing rules and regulations. I say fire all the goons Daley sent from the Police Department to hush to dissention at the Water Department. Feel free to ask Michael Tucker how he got his job and promotion and make sure you call 1-312-744-3764 if you plan on taking water from a Chicago Fire Hydrant. See attached story below. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Hired Truck giant ready to roll on Bridgeport homes November 20, 2009 BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter fspielman@suntimes.com Former Hired Truck kingpin Michael Tadin is spreading his development wings in his native Bridgeport neighborhood, even as the housing boom there and elsewhere is going bust. "There's nothing booming anywhere. I guess we know something nobody else knows," Tadin said Thursday. River Bend Real Estate Investment LLC, a company Tadin co-owns with his son, has requested a zoning change to build 28 single-family homes with detached, two-car garages in the 2800 block of South Hillock. The riverfront industrial site once housed Holsum Bread. It's not their first foray into residential development in Bridgeport, where Tadin and his friend Mayor Daley were born and raised. In 2005, Tadin and his son built and sold town houses in the 500 block of West 33rd Street. The following year, they put up 39 more in the 3700 block of South Sangamon, a site that once housed the Wexler Meat factory. Only half of those town homes have sold. Development in Bridgeport, birthplace of Chicago mayors past and present, was booming for years because of demand for housing close to downtown jobs. Old industrial buildings were converted to lofts. Developers scoured side streets for lots suitable for new homes. That has slowed to a crawl during the prolonged recession that has dried up financing, shrunk the pool of home buyers and prompted a wave of foreclosures. But Tadin Sr. remains bullish on Bridgeport. "It's gonna take a long time to accomplish the next phase, but we've already made the investment. We've owned the land for two years, and we're willing to go forward," he said. "It's not like we're gonna start great guns. We'll start slow, build so many at a time, and take a chance. If it doesn't turn around, every one of us is in trouble," he said. Tadin is the perennial city trucking magnate whose $1.25 million loan to a security company co-owned by Ald. Patrick Huels (11th) forced the 1997 resignation of Daley's former City Council floor leader. Tadin's trucking company had received a $1.1 million city subsidy with Huels' help. Tadin was the undisputed king of Chicago's Hired Truck program, emerging from the pack, even after City Hall accused the company of overbilling and agreed to spread the wealth to other firms. The program was disbanded in 2005 after the Chicago Sun-Times disclosed how politically connected companies -- some with ties to organized crime, others masquerading as minority- and women-owned businesses -- were paid to do little or no work. The Hired Truck scandal resulted in dozens of indictments and convictions and branched out into city hiring. Two months ago, a company owned by Michael Tadin Jr. was accused of stealing water from a city fire hydrant -- without a permit and without a device to prevent construction debris from contaminating Chicago's water system. The younger Tadin called it all a "misunderstanding." He said he was a "sub to a subcontractor" on the street resurfacing project in the 2100 block of North Clybourn and he "thought it was the general contractor's responsibility to get these permits."

November 16, 2009

Mayor Daley fails the Chicago Department of Water Management

Chicago Department of Water Management Logo.jpg Why did the City of Chicago leak a story to the Chicago Tribune implying the impending sale of the Department of Water Management? Why would the Mayor deny the sale? After many decades of the Daley run Chicago Water Department, the cracks are showing, the gross incompetence and lack of professionalism is taking the toll of the Water Department. I will tell you why I think the story is a scam. The Department of Water Management was run into the ground for years. The Department is loaded with political hacks and deadbeats. The Department is a source of contracts for the Daley friend and family program. No legitimate company could take over the liability of the water mains and the decrepit condition of the valves and fire hydrants. A private company would have a difficult time absorbing all the pending lawsuits. A private company could not shield itself and make special insider deals with unions. A private company would not allow double dipping and payroll fraud. The Department of Water Management is too high profile and too closely watched. I think the public would benefit by the ability to personally sue any employee of the water department breaking the law. On a different note, make sure you take notice if Michael Scott. I guess he somehow ended up with a gun, it is reported he killed himself. I thought it against the law to own a handgun in Chicago. I also noticed Mayor Daley took the death in a very cold and callous manner, he showed no signs of remorse. I guess when his friend "Mike" killed himself, it was no big deal. In Chicago, it might be called business as usual. Logo edited by Patrick McDonough.

November 14, 2009

Chicago Clout Video explores the Chicago Residency Issue and Challenge

November 13, 2009

Plumbing Inspectors for the City of Chicago talk shop on Chicago Clout

November 11, 2009

City of Chicago Truck Drivers and 726 Members return back to duty

Almost all the laid off workers from the City of Chicago Motor Truck Drivers are back on duty. Next Monday should put the last stragglers back on Mayor Daley's payroll. Ever have the feeling an election is on the way? A lawsuit filed by Attorney Russ Stewart on behalf of these hard workers is inching along in court. I am proud of all the work I did to help this happen. It took hundreds of phone calls and meetings. I am still waiting for my honorary Local 726 hat. More lawsuits and grievances slated for Daley. Time to clean up the way Daley runs Chicago. This was kept quiet,eh? Patrick McDonough

City of Chicago Department of Water Management allow sales on city sites

MetLife sales1.jpg The City of Chicago had salespeople from a TexasLife Insurance Company, based in Waco, Texas on City property yesterday and also today. MetLife has a sales center, based in Downers Grove, provide representatives to Water department locations "part of Homeland Security". I was really surprised Investigators we not dispatched from the Office of the Inspector General to investigate. I do not think any company should have an exclusive access to any locations Chicago city workers are located. I also think sales should not be handled on city time. I was led to understand this company has had a very cozy arrangement for a long time with the Daley Administration. If I owned an insurance company, I would like to get my hands on Chicago City workers money. I would also like the fancy arrangement with this private company to have automatic payroll deductions. If you know who is getting a piece of this deal, give Chicago Clout a call. I hope the taxpayers do not mind Chicago City workers getting paid upwards of 50 dollars an hour to pick an insurance plan instead of fixing leaks and broken water mains. I also hope the payroll department stops scamming my payroll in direct retaliation. I have more on this soon. We support all Chicago Veterans and thank you for your service. Photo by Patrick McDonough

November 9, 2009

More madness at the Chicago Department of Water Management

spy vs. spy.jpg The City of Chicago received multiple phone calls from a retired worker in the North District Water Department. Remember, if you are an employee of the City of Chicago, the ex-employee might be looking to get information to privatize or set you up in a sting. Make sure you are not doing favors for any ex-employee; make sure you report this activity to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General. Keep your job, report fraud. Do your job by the book; the old days are gone for good. Patrick McDonough

November 5, 2009

The Illinois Alliance Committee for Judicial Integrity November 5, 2009 I.G. Mary Melchor

Inspector General Mary Melchor and Judge Burrell.jpg Jilly's is a fancy place to have an after business cocktail, and to relax. The place is run by a real character and fun loving gentleman by the name of Ray Chase. Ray acted almost as a relations manager for Judge Anthony Lynn Burrell, but I could tell deep down he really meant all the nice things he had to say. I was very uncomfortable being in this Rush Street bar area with all the reputation it has, but this was an early evening. I was also watching the clock, as I was parking in these new Chicago metered spots. I was nervous about paying money for a parking violation, I counted every second. Tonight was a night for top Chicago Judges and Lawyers to honor Judge Anthony Burrell and Cook County Clerk Dorothy Brown. I enjoyed meeting many of these fancy upper-class people that deserve recognition and making it to the Chicago Clout list. Taking the award for Dorothy Brown was Inspector General for Cook County Mary Melchor, an elegant and well spoken lady. Judge Anthony Lynn Burrell accepted the award from Vito Battaglia (an avid Chicago Clout fan) and my Attorney Ivan Tomic. Also in attendance was Marta Almodovar an Administrative Supervisor for Mandatory Arbitration, State of Illinois and Cook County. Also was Ray Chase the General Manager of Jilly's bar on Rush Street, Chicago. I also enjoyed Chris Davis, a computer wizard and website manager. I did not take the names of many of the people in attendance since they are judges and not running for office. Judge Burrell also received the award for his work with kids, and famous show, "Have Gavel, Will Travel", produced by me, Patrick McDonough.

Night of Awards given for top Chicago Judges and Cook County Clerk in Chicago tonight

Rush Street 5.jpg

Illinois Alliance Committee for Judicial Integrity, Chicago at Jilly's

Rush Street 4.jpg

Illinois Alliance Committee for Judicial Integrity Chicago at Jilly's

Rush Street 3.jpg

Illinois Alliance Committee for Judicial Integrity Chicago at Jilly's with Karen Kass

Rush Street 2.jpg

Illinois Alliance Committee for Judicial Integrity Chicago at Jilly's Bobby and Ivan Tomic

Rush Street 1.jpg

Carmen Hernandez Chicago Department of Water Management Hero

Carmen Hernandez Chicago1.jpg November 4, 2009 City of Chicago employee Carmen Hernandez has proudly served his country time and time again. When he returned from reserve duty protecting our United States, he noticed the American flag ripped and torn. A complaint was also made by Bruce Randazzo to replace the flag located at 4900 West Sunnyside, a Chicago Department of Water Management site. Carmen took down the old and dirty American flag, disposed of the flag in a proper manner, and Carmen installed a new American flag. Carmen purchased the new flag with his hard earned money. God Bless America and God Bless Carmen Hernandez! Photo by Patrick McDonough

Chicago Department of Water Management Workers sit idle, Local 134 on notice

non-union company1.jpg Two days in a row on City of Chicago worksites for Premium Sound and Security from the suburbs. This company hires a tech that thinks scale is 11 dollars and hour! Who pockets the difference? The law requires these people are paid prevailing wage when working for the City of Chicago. This company drove onto the City property with no authorization and did not check-in. The Electricians Local 134 Union was notified and I spoke to Michael Davis and he promised to get in touch with Michael Nugent, the union representative for sparkies at the City of Chicago. The City of Chicago is so lazy; they allow anyone to drive into the property unchecked. Years ago when they were gunning for me, they dispatched the OIG to see why I was taking a picture of my crew in the yard. It is no surprise the truck they were concerned about was mine, 1308, the most famous investigator truck in water department history. If this young man is cheated out of a fair wage, then the company needs to be removed from Mayor Daley's contractor buddy list. City of Chicago residents have no work and Daley farms out more work to his Lake County operatives. I also commend Channel 2 news for exposing the 11Th ward Water Department crew helping privatize the Department. Daley wants to get his hands on the Department because he bankrupted Chicago, just like I told you years ago.

November 4, 2009

Chicago Department of Water Management busted by CBS 2 News Again

Here is the link, more busts in route. http://cbs2chicago.com/services/popoff.aspx?categoryId=5&videoId=64330@wbbm.dayport.com&videoPlayStatus=true&videoStoryIds=&videoTime=13.844&stationName=CBS 2& Maybe Tom LaPorte will make more excuses the bridgeport folks will accept.

November 3, 2009

Mayor Daley Rant Video Remix. Daley 2011 Re-election Video?

November 2, 2009

Chicago Clout Video "Chicago State of Affairs" with Emery Joe Yost and Michael Volpe, produced by John Swietczak