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June 29, 2010

Mayor Daley's Contractors put crap water on the dead!

Crap water on the dead.jpg Mayor Daley ordered the dead folks at O'Hare removed so his great Airport expansion could continue. On June 26, 2010, Mayor Daley special contractors were dumping waste water on the graves of Chicago dead,, buried and looking for eternal rest. The entire area has hundreds of gallons of dirty and stinky waste water soaking into their gravesites. This has been going on time and time again. I have seen an absolute new low with Daley's contractors. I caught this contractor several times and nothing is being done. Where is Mayor Daley? Where is the Office of the Inspector General? Photo by Bruce "The Alderman" Randazzo. Who is watching the henhouse?

June 27, 2010

This car was buried with over 40 tickets. At what point should Chicago Cops Stop?

Chicago Car buried in tickets 2.jpg

June 24, 2010

Mayor Daley and Walmart pay poor Chicago Folks to march in downtown Chicago.

Future Chicago Walmart Employees 1.jpg Thanks to Mayor Daley's wild spending and Chicago's massive debt, Daley sold out to Walmart. Many poor black folks were paid to march downtown Chicago today. This helped many white folks feel very guilty. The marchers got a clean white shirt and a loose promise to make just over minimum slave wage for a bunch of white multi-billionaires. Mayor Daley and the alderman did not make a single penny off this deal. (Joking) According to published reports, Mayor Daley got the wheels in motion because he really cares about his black servants. The black reverends served up the brothers for very little money. One black guy told me this is going to change his life working for Walmart. He told me he is going to buy a Caddy or a Lexus. I wonder what year? Chicago is going down the toilet faster than I thought. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Mayor Daley made another bad deal for Chicago taxpayers. Factories gone, Walmart in.

dennis gannon Walmart Day Chicago Clout.jpg Another losing day for Chicago unions. Walmart brought the buses right onto the north side of Chicago City Hall. They loaded and rested between the James Thompson Building and the Daley City Hall. Mayor Daley rolled out the carpet after the Walmart meeting the FBI missed and the deal was cut. I saw Dennis Gannon today after the deal was agreed and for the second time in a while, Dennis looked very drawn. Daley had his armed goons parked on LaSalle and the deal was done. I have been very tough on Dennis Gannon for quite some time, but I can understand when the battle takes its toll. I admit I have been very tough on Chicago labor, but they have folded and left their worker's cupboards bare. I also saw Robert Ryan, today and again he was friendly. Robert Ryan at Chicago City Hall today spells a sellout for workers every time. Chicago labor knew for quite some time they should have retired and let the new warriors take rein. Their greed is the downfall of every working man in Chicago. It always was about them and I know Daley will get large concessions on upcoming labor contracts. "A million dollars is a lot of work" Dennis Gannon told me today. I was going to remind him the meter deal was a lot of money also. Dennis has done much for Chicago Labor, but he should have left when the getting was good. The old fools are going down with the ship. As much as I hate to admit, Daley won, China won, Chicago taxpayers lost, Union labor lost. Walmart will feast on the taxpayer money with link cards and the unemployment level will increase. With Daley it is about power, not making good deals. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

June 23, 2010

Michael Tadin's goons wasting Chicago taxpayer's water today!

Tadin at Chicago garbage plant 1.jpg Mayor Daley has helped many people become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Today, my crew needed to load up on fuel. Tadin's goons were moping around the 700 block of North Kilbourn in Chicago, Illinois. They were working at the Waste to Energy Facility. Tadin also had a pick-up truck, a second truck, and had a trailer parked on the facility. The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has many trailer beds and a trailer with city worker's cars parked. I never see any work getting done. This afternoon, the goons were enjoying opening City of Chicago Fire Hydrants full blast, wasting precious water. Mayor Daley will keep his friends doing nothing at this site. I think the Chicago Office of the Inspector General needs to look into this do nothing site. How does Tadin and the Department of Water Management seem to share the property? Mike has family on the Water Department payroll, so let's start there. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

City of Chicago needs 5 more Assistant District Superintendents ?

This bid was hidden from the posting process for a week. It is called fraud. It is called a Shakman violation. The job pays $97,760.04 base pay. The candidates considered will not need any special licenses. I was told this is for the sewer workers. In the old days you needed a real plumber's license to become a boss in the Chicago Water System. This job was called a District Foreman in the times of yesterday. The name was changed just after the Hired Truck Scandal. The City of Chicago does not need more guys making a hundred thousand plus dollars playing computer games. Is Mayor Daley going to get rid of the Water Department consultants? Election time is near folks.

June 20, 2010

Mayor Daley buys Korean, Chicago workers starve and take furlough days.

Doosan made in korea Daley.jpgLast week, City of Chicago Operating Engineers Local 150 fired up their Doosan Front end Loader. Some call this work of beauty a Wheeled Loader. Mayor Daley made damn sure his part time engineers, subject to multiple unpaid days and furlough days have the best brand new equipment made in Korea. "It makes a lot of sense", said a couple of former gay pride parade event organizers that are some of the best political operating engineers at the City. "This is a political job and you need to trust Mayor Daley knows what is best for Chicago", said one big handsome operating engineer. Another said, "I enjoy the time off to try out my thong at the beach". Many Chicago City workers and taxpayers are furious Daley did not give the work to a company located in America. Some unemployed taxpayers have no food on the table and think Obama is selling out the country. I am quite certain Daley and Obama will watch Americans starve and suffer while these goons make deals that are destroying our country. Americans are out of work and can not pay Daley's property taxes, Daley buys Korean heavy equipment, who sold out America again Richy?

June 14, 2010

Chicago Clout outs Plumber's Local 130 and Chicago Plumbing Corruption Video

June 12, 2010

Let's take a family cruise (with doggy) on the taxpayer's dime.

city car 1.jpg One of the greatest problems in government is perception. People sometimes expect too much from our elected officials. Many governmental administrations are full of friends and family of elected officials that abuse privileges and give the perception of corruption, waste, and mismanagement. Yesterday, I noticed a Municipal Plate on a black crown Victoria. When I pulled up, I noticed a man with his son and a dog jumping around the back seat. This occurred June 11, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. The car was heading east bound on Peterson Avenue; they passed Lincoln and California Avenue. I hope taxpayers are aware this happy family did not need to pay for gas, insurance, and maintenance. I am sure the taxpayers would be on the hook if this family was in an accident. Folks, no one should be in a city vehicle expect a city worker on city business. This is theft and misconduct. Please have the person driving a black Crown Victoria with municipal plate number M 145496 contact us at Chicago Clout for some nice family pictures. Let's watch what the Chicago Inspector General does with this dude. I would expect Daley to abuse this privilege, not anyone else. Photo by Patrick McDonough

June 11, 2010

City of Chicago Teamsters Local 700 have informational picket at 39th and Iron today.

June 9, 2010

The 24Th Ward is exposed by Judge Burrell and Julius Anderson Video

Saul Charak vs. City of Chicago vs. Anti-Semitism vs. human rights

June 8, 2010 Saul Charak has a long legal battle to return back to work that rested today. Saul was terminated from the City of Chicago for an alleged residency violation. Saul is a person that endured anti-Semitism for his entire tenure while employed by the City. Many City employees will never have a chance to clear their name or receive proper representation and return back to work. I overheard a conversation today in the Chicago Department of Human Resources that confirmed my suspicions; some people have greater access than others. Some former employees will wait longer and some former employees will suffer longer before the return to work. (If ever) As you spend more time in court, you notice patterns and the way people act when they testify. You can observe nervous, scared, and confident witnesses. As someone that became involved in Saul misfortunes as of late, I decided to observe today's hearing. I was concerned because Saul is one of the most generous persons and helped many Chicago city employees when faced with troubled financial times. During Saul's employment with Chicago, he was ridiculed, teased, both physically and verbally tortured because he is Jewish. Saul also suffered because of his health concerns and his advanced age. As far as I can tell, I think the hearing officer was fair and impartial. I could also tell everyone was looking forward to wrapping up the hearing and just move on. Today, I noticed several things that were of great concern to me. Witnesses under subpoena did not show up to court, not just once but several times. The city has not been cooperative in producing witnesses in the past and now make defense lawyers jump through hoops to obtain city employees to testify. I find this an insult to the American justice system. Every witness should appear if a fired employee wants to get their job back. I also think all of these cases should be appealed to a real official judge, a sitting judge voted into office by the people. This setup is no different than the 400 west Superior hearing center that is ripe for a visit by the F.B.I. In sworn testimony, it was very obvious the denials and lack of concern or responsibility given to Saul when he was attacked physically and verbally. The City of Chicago defense was to object when Saul provided proof. It really bothers me when bosses leave a worker to their own devices when physically attacked. I also do not like when responsible parties trained in the law wash their hands of supervisors ducking their responsibilities. The investigations are not transparent and leave the taxpayer's on the hook if challenged. Chicago did not challenge a boss telling a Jewish subordinate, "blow out the fire in the ovens". This was according to sworn testimony by a witness, stunning. Another employee also testified to the best of his ability but was stopped continually causing him some confusion. After this man testified, I interviewed him in the hallway. He said, "They referred to him (Saul) as, "The Jew". He also said he was intimated and a little confused. He was upset because, "he was not able to talk about everything and the way you (he felt) feel". He also said, "They should have had a Spanish interpreter, but he did understand what they said". Under oath the following was general statements, "Saul was treated differently because his nationality, they were coming after him since 2008 and he was treated different. I wish Chicago's top journalists take the time to see what goes on at these hearings. Mayor Daley should investigate the way Jewish workers are treated by his Administration. Shame. On another note, the bid for Chief Plumbing Inspector is going under much closer scrutiny, please call your clout (Madigan) and the 19th ward goons and tell them play stupid if the FEDS call. Several complaints were made regarding the bid process. In a video made last week, I told you who was going to get the job. How did I know? How do you ask? Same way Sneed finds out everything. Night!

June 8, 2010

Chicago Department of Water Management back in the front page of the Sun-Times

Well not quite. Make sure you keep a close eye on the impending lawsuits against the Department of Water Management. Read the article by Fran Spielman. Click on the extended entry. Bottling Lake Michigan water worth exploring, new commissioner says But says city has no plans to privatize water system Comments June 8, 2010 BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter Mayor Daley has "no plans" to privatize Chicago's water system, but bottling and selling the city's "exceptional" tap water is worth exploring, newly-appointed Water Management Commissioner Tom Powers said today. "The quality of the water that the department puts out is exceptional. In some cases, it's better than bottled water," Powers said after his City Council confirmation hearing. Asked if Chicago might someday bottle and sell Lake Michigan water, Powers said, "As far as how you go about doing that -- I don't know how practical that is. It's something you'd have to look at." After holding the line on taxes in 2010 by draining reserves generated by the $1.15 billion deal that privatized Chicago parking meters, Daley declared his intention to continue the Great Chicago sell-off. Speculation has centered on privatizing all or parts of Chicago's water system, including the Jardine and South filtration plants, city pumping stations, water billing functions or just the sewer system. Some insiders believe Daley might have appointed Powers with marching orders to move the department at the center of the Hired Truck and city hiring scandals more aggressively toward privatization. After the City Council's Budget Committee approved his appointment, Powers tried his best to shoot down the privatization talk. "The people on the street and the people behind the desks at the Department of Water Management do an outstanding job. . . . There are no plans to privatize any of those functions," Powers said. Aldermen who questioned Powers today had more mundane concerns than privatization. They were focused on quicker restoration of Chicago streets after sewer, water and transportation projects are completed. "I don't think a restoration job should sit for two years," said Ald. Ariel Reboyras (30th). "I've got some e-mails I'm gonna hand you at the end of this meeting about [projects] that have been a year-and-a-half and not restored," said Ald. Ginger Rugai (19th). Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) said he hopes Powers will "accelerate coordination" between construction crews from the Departments of Transportation and Water Management after Powers spent the last 14 years at CDOT. "The constituent just knows it's the city. They don't care who [tore up the street]. It needs to be coordinated. When someone does half of a job in the taxpayer's mind because it's not their work or it wasn't their cut, we've really got to figure out how to streamline that," Tunney said.

June 1, 2010

Thomas Powers, new Commissioner of Chicago Department of Water Management

2242_north_spaulding_Chicago.jpg It was Sunday morning and I heard it again, "I like working for Jesse, you know you will get your time." I got my assignments for the day and I was kept away from that job site. My radar starts pinging when a certain chain of events occur. That is the advantage of experience. I called the foreman Jesse Canet and let him know I would head out to that job and watch what was going on. He told me it would not be necessary and I was not wanted. Many times after work, I watch the progress of overtime jobs to gain insight into loafing and general waste. I was told that morning the job would not go over 8 hours. Sure enough it did. The foreman screamed out of the Sunnyside yard and took his car to the jobsite at around 3:00 p.m. Since he always worked out of the City Truck, this peaked my curiosity. I called the big boss and was told not to interfere with the job at 2242 North Spaulding. I explained I was concerned about the overtime and possible waste of taxpayers' money. When I go to these jobs, I do so as a journalist and videographer. I enjoy my website and the knowledge it imparts. The first information I got was from the night investigator crew and it sounded funny like some overtime was made for Jesse's crew. I also talked to a high ranking official that told me the crew waited much of the day for a Vactor. A Vator is a large sewer truck that is basically a jet rod and massive vacuum. When I went to the site, I saw in my opinion, a three or four hour job. But on Sunday, and double-time an opportunity like this could make for some powerful paychecks. I was also surprised because Jesse Canet was not on the overtime list. The overtime list has foreman and plumbers that have no interest in working overtime. That way the boss can put his friends and pets on these lucrative jobs. As soon as I arrived, the work began at a furious rate I have never seen before. I think it was because I was videotaping. Two of the workers were covering their faces. It was brought to my attention the crew was mad because a "rat" was watching. In the past a job like this would have gone for 16 hours. That would mean a paycheck of at least $1440.00 on top of a $4,000.00 bi-weekly take home check. At around 4:00 the work was going fast and furious, the crew was done at 4:30 p.m. I think I heard Jesse Canet say swipe out at 5:30 p.m. One hour travel time at double time. Earlier in the day the big boss told me Jesse is the only guy they can get to work the overtime. His caulker always seems to get the overtime with him. The call from the leak desk was water in the basement; I think we all got soaked again. Amazing how I found out the basement is a full basement and unoccupied, hardly an emergency. I was told this is a clout job. Clout is really expensive in Chicago. If the basement was occupied, someone needs to pay taxes. Welcome Commissioner Powers, the game stays the same. Photo by Patrick McDonough.