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Employment With City of Chicago Update.

The City of Chicago, Department of Human Resources, Application Center, 121 North LaSalle Street, Room 100 Chicago, Illinois 60602 sent out the following notice: Dated March 2, 2006. Chicago has purged all employment applications that were received before January 1, 2005. Please make sure you reapply for open jobs. Also open position can be found at www.cityofchicago.org/careerworks. Make sure all you city workers remind your children to apply again. Patrick McDonough.


I would be deeply honored to work for the city of chicago.

Steven Reed
1642 East 56th Street, #702 Home: (773) 752-8542
Chicago, IL 60637 Cell: (773) 263-5811
OBJECTIVE Accountant... Human Resources...
An experienced, highly adaptable and challenge-driven leader seeks to contribute
a multitude of talents within a dynamic organization offering the opportunity for
advancement and personal development.
SUMMARY Sixteen years of payroll accounting experience involving:
• Payroll and Human Resources administration.
• Multi-level project management.
• Organizational design and development.
STRENGTHS - Payroll Accounting - Pressure Resilient - Leadership
- Tax Accounting - Problem Solving - Hard Working
- Cost Accounting - Multi-Tasking - Detail Minded
• Clear and articulate communicator able to work with associates at all levels
of the organization; maintains a professional demeanor at all times.
• Implements a “whatever-it-takes” work ethic which inspires positive action
in fellow associates. Performs beyond the parameters of traditional job descriptions.
• Expediently isolate operational discrepancies, evaluate alternative action and
confidently implements positive rectification to prevent repercussion.
EXPERIENCE Housing Authority of Cook County Chicago, IL October, 1989 to Present
Payroll Account/ Human Resources Specialist
• Operate a one-person payroll and human resources department for HUD
funded agency; bank reconciliations and end of the month statements.
• File federal, state and local employees taxes for a staff of 150 employees.
• Process year-end financial responsibilities (e.g. W-2s, 1099s, etc.)
• Responsible for human resources issues for entry and exit of agency employees.
• Played the lead role in facilitating all start-up human resources operations.
• Streamlined policies operational plans and related procedures.
• Developed job profiles; created and implemented a performance assessment
tool; streamlined a behavior-based interview process.
EDUCATION University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI
Bachelor of Business Administration 1989
Major: Accounting
TRAINING: Training Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access.