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Lauderdale Lakes Ski Team Aqua Skiers vs. Don Jean Bay Snobs

I hope we all know when Clout Lawyers and those lake Johnny Come Lately Snots like the Kochlefl's decide to come in and start trouble with a great tradition like the Lauderdale Lakes Aqua Skiers need a looking into by Media. Thank you to Chicago Fox News for helping get the story out. I also thank Ms. Black of the Chicago Tribune for the front page article 'The Battle of Don Jean Bay'. I also thank Mike Heine of the Janesville Gazette for telling the ski team side of the story. My wife a former member of the ski team, a Baywood Estate member, is totally for the Ski Team. I agree, and will look into some of the rats taking away good honest fun. If you wish to watch the team and yell obscenities at the Johnny come lately trouble makers, I will have you on my boat next weekend, and to watch the skiers perform. Photos by Patrick McDonough.


If you have any questions into what is going on at the Lauderdale Lakes Aqua Skiers please contact Anthony Cecola at anthony.cecola@cbexchange.com

Hey Pat,whos the hot blond